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*** Biased Administrative Law Judges

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    Biased Administrative Law Judges Ellis Foster University of Phoenix Online ... From: ICE ice@iresist.com To: ice-bucket@egroups.com Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000
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      Biased Administrative
      Law Judges

      Ellis Foster
      University of Phoenix Online
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      Subject: Biased administrative law judges/strategy
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          I recently returned from my high school reunion class get together out of state.
          All the attorneys, judges, and paralegals sat at the same table. (There were 3 District Court (Superior Court) judges, 1 appellate court judge, 1 administrative law judge, and me a paralegal.)
          I sat next to the Administrative law judge, and asked him, "How is it that so many cases (about 95%of them) are decided in favor of the Administrative Agency. I almost fainted at his reply. "Well, to get to be an Administrative Law Judge, 1st you have to be an attorney. I was and I represented the agency in legal matters for 20 years. Then you have to be recommended by the head of the Administrative Law Agency. When the opening came up I was the only one that qualified being an attorney and having 20 years of experience. Next, you have to have a good working relationship with the Head of the Agency, (In other words being a Brown Nose, which I was). The attorneys that did not get appointed were my fellow workers, and over 20 years we fished, hunted, bowled, and went to ball games together. They were my very close friends. 
          Now if a matter came up that they strongly felt in favor of, they let me know and the trial was conducted accordingly, (Evidence excluded, objections sustained, witnesses not allowed to testify and so on).
          I then asked the Appellate Court Judge, what he thought of this kind of conduct. He was also feeling his beers, and he replied, "Hell, If I did not support them, I would be out of a job by the next election".
          I was the only one not drinking at the table so I kept on asking 
      questions. All of them knew that I had moved to California and was over 2,000 miles from where they practiced law, and everyone agreed that it was not likely that I would be involved in any of their cases.
          I then asked about the 5% that won their cases, and the standard answer was, "Sometimes we have a close relationship with the plaintiff's lawyer (either business or personal) and the Agency knows that a small percentage of cases MUST be decided in their favor or the system would be replaced and we'd be out of our jobs."
          "Besides, lawyers get paid when they win and when they lose" "We've got to get along in order to go along". At which point they all laughed.
          So you can see, that the odds are against you in the Administrative Agency, In the Courts, and in the Appellate court. Everybody knows the game, and no one ever complains as long as it APPEARS that justice (JUST-US) is being done.
          This system must be cleaned up by Freedom Fighters and it must be done SOON.

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