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*** "Your Papers Please" In Action ***

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California January 27, 2006
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                        January 27, 2006
      The Inherent Right of ALL People to Alter or Reform Abusive Government.
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      "Your Papers Please" In Action
      by Barbie, victoryusa@...
      Yesterday Ron appeared at our local civic center for a photo shoot for a California publication that will be doing a story on J.A.I.L. When it was over, Ron decided to take me to lunch at a restaurant he was familiar with on the main boulevard. We had to find parking on a side street, and as we proceeded down the first block and came to a stop sign, we saw a strange situation.
      There were all kinds of police there and squad cars parked at various red curbs, one officer was talking to a driver who was stopped on our left (it's a four-way stop intersection). Yet we looked around and saw no accidents. We wondered what had happened.
      We went on and parking was full for the entire block and we had to continue on to the next block, and finally found a spot around the corner past the second block. This is quite normal around the civic center area during business hours.
      As we walked back toward the boulevard, we expected that police activity would be cleared up by then-- but it wasn't!  We saw officers still talking to drivers as they came to a stop at the intersection, but still no accidents nor signs of crime.
      Finally, Ron asked a woman who was sweeping the sidewalk in front of her house, "Do you know what's going on?"  She said "the police are approaching drivers and asking for their drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance; and if they don't produce them, they're towing away their vehicles."  When we looked at her in shock after hearing that, she tried to assure us by saying "Oh, the police are looking out for us. We have so much crime here."  Somehow, that didn't comfort us.
      Heaven help us-- the People are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and for apathy regarding seeking the truth. Here was a friendly woman seeing this happen right in front of her house, and she's happy about it and wanted us to realize what a good thing the police were doing! What would this woman think if she saw the operation of a concentration camp right in her own neighborhood? "Oh, the police are helping us out!"
      Ladies and gentlemen, the ignorant masses will always be there-- we'll never be able to change that. However, it is well known that it doesn't take a majority to make change in this country. It will always be a minority of the People who know the truth and are motivated to move on it, not for their own sakes, but for the sakes of all People in this country. It will be the few of us who will make a difference for the many. That's the way it has been throughout history and will continue to be!
      Some of our readership have told us "We have to wait until everyone is educated of the truth before we can proceed with J.A.I.L."  NOT SO!!  If we waited until everyone was educated, J.A.I.L. would never happen and we would never arise out of the muck and mire of absolute despotism that is wracking the People. In fact, a good number of the People DON'T WANT to be "educated" about truth-- they already "know it all!"  Many of them are even on our email list. Several organizations out there use as their mantra "Education, Education, Education."  And while they pursue educating the masses, this country continues to fall into complete totalitarianism-- it's almost there, folks!
      When talking to this kind woman, it was like hearing a happy child talking about Santa Claus. She was just as naive as a child, and that's what the occupying force running this country has depended on for more than 200 years. The People are like obedient, non-thinking children, following orders like good little children. That's what the powers think of us-- they are our masters because we can't think for ourselves, and to a large degree we have shown them to be right-- BUT IT ISN'T TRUTH!  It has all come about by fraud and deception, fooling and hoodwinking the People. It really amazes me that it has lasted as long as it has! Most of it is because of the brainwashing by public schools (K through universities) and the media.
      But by the laws of nature, truth will prevail in the long run. It has to! Truth is true existence-- the lie is a facade and it will eventually wear down over time, and truth will overtake, becoming more and more obvious. The facade has been there since the founding of this nation, but at first it wasn't strong enough to negatively affect the People. By nature, evil is ever on the increase until it is stopped.
      The lie grows, and grows, and grows --until now it has the People around the throat! What we saw yesterday was a live demonstration of it. Ron will expand on this later.

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