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** Some Real Investigative Reporting Is Due Here **

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California January 27, 2006
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                         January 27, 2006
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      Some Real Investigative Reporting Is Due Here
      By Marshall Martin, Ohio JAILer
      Some real investigative reporting is due here, rather than
      an uninformed, name-calling defense of the indefensible.
      Investigative journalists need to be sent afield to look at the product of our courts; they may be surprised by what they find.
                                                                          --Marshall Martin
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      Judicial corruption is widespread
      Published Saturday, January 14, 2006

      This is in response to the editorial of Dec. 27 titled, "Get out of JAIL." Unfortunately, the newspaper has delivered an opinion lacking a basis in fact. This becomes evident in the first sentence, which alludes to "allowing people to sue judges over unfavorable rulings" having "grave consequences for the integrity of the judicial branch" of government.

      The organization JAIL is concerned with halting judicial corruption, which results in "unfavorable rulings." Judges take an oath to judge impartially, without respect to parties, but most of today’s judges disregard their duty in that regard. Today’s judges, as a matter of routine, actually violate their oath of office, the law as written, controlling precedents (settled case law), the original intent of the Constitution, as well as individual rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

      The writer of the editorial appears to hold a Disneyland view of the judiciary that has no relation to reality.

      Some real investigative reporting is due here, rather than an uninformed, name-calling defense of the indefensible. Investigative journalists need to be sent afield to look at the product of our courts; they may be surprised by what they find.

      It is true that there are checks upon judicial abuse, at least on paper. When was the last time the Ohio General Assembly impeached and removed a judge? In my own case, I urged exactly that, and my representative only was interested in directing my concerns to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. ODC is largely lawyers checking . . . lawyers.

      There’s no "conspiracy"; it’s just that lawyers are not about to upset the trough at which they feed. The corrupt judicial system operates as a full-employment program for the legal profession.

      Any action that might be taken by ODC is submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court: more lawyers. In my case, the chief justice refused to remove the obviously biased judge from my case; therefore, rather than waste effort with the ODC, in my attempt to obtain redress of grievances, I elected to file a civil-rights lawsuit in federal court.

      Judicial corruption is so widespread across our nation that it seems to have just become part of the scenery, unnoticed as we go about our lives — at least until it rears its head and directly attacks you, or someone you care about. Judicial corruption enables and encourages police and prosecutorial corruption, two more very serious issues carefully swept under the rug. The judiciary forms the bedrock upon which civilized society rests. That bedrock is crumbling, which is why organizations such as JAIL have formed.

      America today holds more people behind bars on a per-capita basis than any other nation. When that title was held by countries such as South Africa, China, Cuba or the Soviet Union, Americans held them up to shame. The shame is now ours. The shame of the corruption of all three branches of government that share the blame for the creation of the American gulag.

      The shame of a so-called free press, which appears to feel free to gloss over serious governmental shortcomings, while holding up the exposure of free golf outings enjoyed by the governor as fulfilling its watchdog role. Some watchdog. Fiddling while Rome Burns is what it resembles.

      Please see fit to truly examine judicial corruption. It is out there, nearly everywhere, and if allowed to proceed unchecked, will ultimately destroy our experiment in liberty.


      Copyright © 2006, The Columbus
      Our thanks to Marshall Martin for sending this well-written article to J.A.I.L.

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