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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California December 10, 2005
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                        December 10, 2005
      Citizens Faith In Government Failing Everywhere - AP Poll

      December 8, 2005
      AP Poll: Lawmakers' Standing Drops

      WASHINGTON (AP) -- Indictments, investigations and a congressman's guilty plea for taking millions in bribes have left most Americans convinced that political corruption is a deeply rooted problem, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

      Missteps and misconduct that have reached into all levels of government -- from the White House and Congress to governors' offices in Connecticut and Ohio -- have helped drive 88 percent of those surveyed to say the problem is a serious one.

      Scandal has touched all politicians. President Bush's approval rating was 42 percent .... Sixty-five percent of respondents disapproved of lawmakers' work in Washington and only 31 percent approved, the worst numbers since AP-Ipsos began asking the question in January.

      Several of those interviewed said corruption was endemic to a political system awash in colossal amounts of lobbying money and beset by an insatiable demand for campaign cash.

      ''It's kind of the nature of politics, working with money and finance, things happen every day that are questionable,'' said David Innerebner, a conservative-leaning missionary from Hayward, Wis.

      In 2004, federal lobbyists spent $2.1 billion -- the equivalent of the gross domestic product of the Republic of Congo or the amount the U.S. government spends annually on energy assistance for low-income Americans. In that same year, candidates pursuing the presidency and seats in Congress spent more than $3 billion.

      ''It seems like everything seems to be corrupted,'' said Sylvia Kind, a dietitian from Akron, Ohio.

      Some of the experts who make their careers focused on government ethics and reform were struck by the strong public perception of politicians.

      ''From the local mayor or sheriff all the way up to the president, it means people have a real distrust of their government,'' said Larry Noble, head of the Center for Responsive Politics campaign watchdog group.

      Added Jan Baran, a Washington lawyer who specializes in ethics rules and campaign finance: ''The message to politicians is to get their house in order.''

      People questioned in the survey had no trouble reciting the names associated with offenses and inquiries:

      --Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, faces money laundering charges.

      --Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is under a federal investigation for a well-timed stock sale.

      --I. Lewis ''Scooter'' Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, has been indicted on five counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and lying to the FBI in the outing of a CIA officer.

      DeLay, Frist and Libby have said they have done nothing wrong.

      --Last month, Rep. Randy ''Duke'' Cunningham, R-Calif., resigned after pleading guilty to taking $2.4 million in bribes in exchange for steering government work to defense contractors. His list of excess included money for a Rolls-Royce, antique furniture and two Laser Shot shooting simulators. ....

      ''They're so power hungry they'd do anything to stay in power,'' said Renee Becher, a 51-year-old homemaker from Dahlonega, Ga. ''They've made our country become like Rome.''

      The AP-Ipsos survey found that 91 percent of women consider corruption a serious problem, compared with 84 percent of men. Overall, 67 percent said the number of people involved in corruption ranges from moderate to a lot. ....


      Associated Press writer Nancy Benac contributed to this report.

      Where does this trend lead? History tells us that this trend will continue its downward decline until confidence in all governmental authority has disintegrated, and no one gives a hoot any more in what anyone has to say.
      I have oft said, "As goes the courts, so goes the nation." When the judges 
      set the wrong example of "anything goes," then follows the Legislatures and the Executive Branch, followed by the People when no one gives a hoot. Government officials take on the attitude that the public treasury will be looted, so they had better grab all of it they can get before the other scoundrel gets to it first. Not only will there not be enough prosecutors to handle the load, but they figure they too should get in on the scams.
      How can we turn around this downward spiral in our country? By reversing the process of judicial unaccountability that brought us to the place where we now are, that is, by bringing about Judicial accountability, that is the only way. We have no other option.
      By bringing in Judicial accountability, judges will fear to violate those sacred documents, the wit, the Constitutions of both the states and the United States which they have now learned to disrespect, knowing that they will otherwise face the ire of the People in the form of independent Special Grand Juries deciding their fate, and not other politicians or fellow judges.
      J.A.I.L., with virtually no financial support, has spread across this nation in about five years with operations in all fifty states. It is now headed for the ballot in the state of South Dakota. With the passage of J.A.I.L. there, it is anticipated the huge amounts of financial support will be coming our way from not only other organizations, but from supporters within the two major parties. The integrity of J.A.I.L. will shine into the hearts Americans disgusted with the direction of politics regardless of parties, until J.A.I.L. takes over the entire political landscape of this country.
      "Righteousness exalteth a nation..." Proverbs 14:314. "When the righteous are in authority, the People rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the People mourn." Proverbs 29:2. "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men." Proverbs 22:29.
      J.A.I.L.- Judicial Accountability Initiative Law - www.jail4judges.org
      Contribute to J.A.I.L. at P.O. Box 207, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
      See our active flash,
      JAIL is a unique addition to our form of gov't. heretofore unrealized.
      JAIL is powerful! JAIL is dynamic! JAIL is America's ONLY hope!
      E-Group sign on at
      Get involved at
      To be added or removed, write to VictoryUSA@...
      Your help is needed: www.SouthDakotaJudicialAccountability.com
      "..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
      minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.." - Samuel Adams
      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
      striking at the root."                         -- Henry David Thoreau    <><
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