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*** Why J.A.I.L. Cannot Be A News Service For Victims ***

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California October 28, 2005
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                           October 28, 2005
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      Why J.A.I.L. Cannot Be A
      News Service For Victims
      As told by one of the most poignant of victims, Dr. Les Sachs,
      an American in exile because of judicial corruption
      JAIL is trying to do something for everyone.
      Yes, in a better situation, your story should be there
      on the front page of your local newspaper.
      In a newer, better America, that is what would happen.
      That is the kind of America that JAIL is trying to build.
                                                                      -- Dr. Sachs
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      Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 1:21 AM
      Subject: Your demands of JAIL, Why JAIL can't cover every victim's story
      I understand your grief and anger at being a victim of corrupt USA courts. You are like thousands, hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of others, myself and many more.

      I understand your desire to get the word out about what happened to you, and your desire to enlist others in your fight. All victims feel that. We've been there.

      But bear in mind that JAIL is bombarded with thousands of stories of
      other victims, just like you. If they were trying to be a news service
      about judicial corruption cases, they wouldn't have any time to accomplish anything at all. And people wouldn't be reading them anywhere nearly as much if they dropped their real work in order to become a mere internet list of cases with just a long list of tragic fearful stories.

      It's physically impossible for them to report on the thousands of cases like yours, or often much worse than yours, even tragic as your own situation is.

      And people read JAIL exactly BECAUSE they are trying to do something
      important to change America for the better. That's why you're reading JAIL too - instead of reading about other corruption cases, reading about other victims on victims-of-law type websites, reading the internet newsgroups where people post their stories.

      If you start reading about the other corruption cases on the internet, you can find many other victims, just like you, and often much worse. For myself, I had to leave the USA and become an exile with a new life overseas. There are dear creatures whom I was never able to see alive again, because of the corruption of USA courts.

      And as you know from your own case, even ONE case can take an enormous amount of time and resources, just to analyze and describe it.

      You will notice that most every victim tends to be centered on their own personal tragedy. Each victim focuses on their own story, not those of others - that is the nature of legal system trauma, the horrors of USA courts, what is done to people as the courts start to destroy people's lives.

      Your dream is that the injustice that happened to you will get media
      coverage, and you want JAIL to be a part of that media coverage. But that's not what JAIL is or does, and in fact it's impossible for JAIL to do that, given its modest volunteer resources.

      Yes, the big corporate media that owns nearly all the newspapers and
      television in America, does not want to cover legal corruption, they're in cahoots with the crooked lawyers and judges.

      We all understand that you want *someone* to tell your story and be an
      advocate for you.

      But if JAIL was just trying to be a news service for victims, people wouldn't be reading it as much - there are so many sad stories out there, victims who end up helpless or nearly helpless, in America's crooked courts. And these stories are painful. Reading a list of them can make you feel very helpless.

      And even if your story is published on the internet, you know what happens? Usually nothing. The crooked judges and lawyers just keep
      playing their games.

      Indeed, you can put your own story up on the internet, and post it on the free internet newsgroups. It isn't reasonable to make demands of other groups like JAIL that they somehow drop the work they are doing, and instead become a news service for your situation and the tens of thousands of other people who have similar stories they would like to broadcast.

      That would defeat the purpose of JAIL - and would even defeat the purpose of spreading your story, which you already can post on other sites on your own time, as well as create websites of your own.

      JAIL is trying to do something for everyone. Yes, in a better situation, your story should be there on the front page of your local newspaper. In a newer, better America, that is what would happen. That is the kind of America that JAIL is trying to build.

      With best wishes and good luck,


      Dr. Sachs, this is a message that just HAD to be gotten out to people, and we couldn't have said it better than you, especially as a victim yourself, and a tragic one at that!  Because of pressure from our readers, we started posting "Judicial Horror Stories." However, since we started posting them, their numbers have increased exponentially, as well as our regular J.A.I.L. responsibilities nationally. We're not able to keep up with the regular load, let alone with posting victims' stories. That's why this message is so timely; and hopefully people will understand it, coming from someone other than 
      ourselves. We can't think of anyone who is in a better position to give this message than you, Dr. Sachs, after the way you have been forced to change your life as a victim of judicial corruption. Thank you for helping J.A.I.L. in this way!   -Ron & Barbie, on behalf of National J.A.I.L.

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