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903Former Presidential Candidate Howard Dean Speaks

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    Feb 18, 2005
      Former Presidential Candidate
      Howard Dean Speaks
      If the below email is accepted as true, then J.A.I.L. is attracting some of the heaviest weights on the political scene. I know it is no surprise, but J.A.I.L. has all political parties represented within its ranks. I think the political parties are beginning to understand that while they strive politically with one another, it is J.A.I.L. that is showing them a hope of unity in a cause respecting the judiciary of this country. I can add that J.A.I.L. is making some inroads into the official top leadership of both of the major parties inasmuch as they are communicating with us.
      I am also informed that one of the lesser parties is considering making J.A.I.L. a part of their platform.
      I see the day coming when all parties will have to consider politically the fact that there are no negative side-effects in the parties uniting together within J.A.I.L. In other words, if your party is not supportive of J.A.I.L., then why not? Such question presents a solid political answer.
      -Ron Branson

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      FYI... scan down to the last paragraph.
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      Yesterday, Howard Dean was on "Unfiltered" and said, "You haven’t seen anything yet. All these guys are all war criminals and they will be put behind bars for their crimes against humanity and the world."
      He also said there was a web site he wanted us to go to: www.jail4judges.com. He said all the judges in this country have violated their Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution. And the judicial system is a sham! It has to go back to "We The People!"