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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    Nov 4, 2004
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                         November 4, 2004

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      It's Time To Go To Work
      (By Ron Branson - CIC, VictoryUSA@...)
      Just yesterday we reported on the out come of Amendment "A" under the title, "South Dakota Amendment A Goes Down In Flames."  As a result of our effort to defeat this Proposition, J.A.I.L. has received commendations its work. For this, we thank you. But before we pat ourselves on the back too much, we must say that while we know J.A.I.L. had an influence upon this issue inasmuch as we contacted every radio station and newspaper in South Dakota that we could find with our anti-Amendment "A" message, we are cautious to gobble up the glory. Suffice it to say that it was a Team Effort, and we won.
      Here are a some emails we received:
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      Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 6:19 AM
      Subject: RE: South Dakota Amendment A Goes Down In Flames

      Congratulations Bill, Ron, Gary and all those who worked to defeat the proposed Amendment. Here in NY the Constitution was adopted in 1777 with a provision that had Judges appointed by the State Legislature. In 1846, the first popularly elected Constitutional Convention proposed, and the People approved, an Amendment that made judges more accountable to the People by having them stand for election. In 1967, the Legislature placed a proposition on the ballot that, if passed, would give to the Governor the power to appoint all judges and Presiding Judges of the four Appellate Divisions and the power to nominate all judges to the State's highest Court, the Court of Appeals. Unfortunately, the proposition passed.
      I can tell you from first-hand experience that since 1967 the Judiciary has become highly politicized and highly corrupt; judges have been cooperating with the Executive and Legislative Branches in collective decisions to deny the People their fundamental Rights.
      Since 1967, NY has been leading the nation in a rush to the bottom: a headlong rush into debt, dependency and decay. As goes NY, so goes the rest of the union.
      Here in NY we have had experience with three approaches to judge selection: by the Legislature, by the Executive, and by the People. Without question, when judges were elected by the People the judiciary did a much, much better job of keeping the political branches in their constitutional places.
      Stay well and stay vigilant,
      Bob Schulz

      YES VICTORY!  In light of the tremendous power of the judiciary, this is truly a victory .... thank you, thank you!
      Sheryle Hutter - Colorado


      Congratulations, Ron, onward and upward to JAIL being on the ballot in SD.

      Robert Elliott, Pittsfield, NH

      Hi Ron.

      This is indeed good news.

      Just wish that the elections were more honest across the board at the so called higher levels of office after reading some of the horror stories relating to vote accountability.

      Best regards,

      I would recommend J.A.I.L. to everyone. See if there is state chapter for you. Join it if you possibly can.

      In Alabama, as elsewhere, judges run unopposed. We are stuck with them - hanging judges and bigots - for successive 6 year periods until they retire. The democratic process has been rescinded by judicial policy. It is just a matter of time until the lawyer-legislators in YOUR state will try to make this unconstitutional process a statute and essentially "legitimize" and unconstitutional practice.  And, I guarantee you, this is one law activist judges will NOT violate.  ....
      Dr. Weiss

      Excellent start.  Way to go South Dakota.

      But here is one that states the real objective of this publication:
      "If 38% of the people of the state would allow their voting rights for Judges to be taken away, our work is certainly cut out for us!!!"
      Yes, we must face the gravity of the matter, namely that the greatest part of our job remains before us, which will require dedication. We believe that acquiring the qualifying 33,000 signatures over eighteen months and getting J.A.I.L. on the South Dakota ballot in 2006 is the easy part, but then begins the hard part, conditioning the minds of the South Dakotans to go to the polls and make it happen.
      We are not ignorant of the great resistance that will be hurled at us by high financed interests such as attorneys, judges, and those in high places that will fight to maintain their stranglehold upon the People. We will be misrepresented, lied about, opposed in every conceivable way, for it will quickly dawn upon our opposition that this issue is not just about the South Dakota judiciary, but about this entire country, the Legislative, Executive, and the entire Judicial system in every state. J.A.I.L. will truly be the Second Shot Heard 'Round The World.
      In other words, it will be a fight for America's future in every aspect. As we set here before this computer day after day and month after month answering emails from all over this nation, we hear a common call from all quarters that "we need to come together" and do something about America's future.  No one seems to challenge that conclusion, but the question is, on what do we unite?
      This is a call for unity, folks. This is a national project that calls for national co-operation from every organization, group, cause and people. Let's give life to the call "to get together," and not just dream about it. We are here entering a fight for the future of America, and making a decision on whether we shall turn America to becoming a more self-controlled and self-reliant nation, or continue the down-hill slide of being ruled by tyrants whose only interest is squeezing the life-blood out of us for their own gain and profit.
      Without J.A.I.L. I promise you that it shall only get worse -- much worse. May God have mercy upon us. And I can tell you that with the passage of J.A.I.L. most of you are unable to imagine the tremendous gain and good that will result. I wish I could tell you more on this, but there are some things that must be shown, not told. Notwithstanding, I will tell you the following:
      The passage of J.A.I.L. in South Dakota will make it a coveted state among all states. I have little doubt that a number of you, following J.A.I.L.'s passage, will purposely drive to South Dakota, if you do not already live there, just for the privilege of getting a traffic ticket so you can demand a jury trial. I anticipate traffic courts to be among the first courts to all but totally close except for such things as drunk driving.
      But traffic courts will be but only the beginning. There is so much, much more. Business enterprises will blossom, business will move to South Dakota, and jobs will flourish, etc. This is given to you only as a sampler to think about. The real question is whether you -- yes you -- are going to make this happen. Don't depend upon J.A.I.L. for it to happen. This involves us all, and all of us will benefit. You must make it happen, we all must make it happen.  Yes, it's time to go to work!

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