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860Good News / Bad News

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    Oct 9, 2004
      To All JAILers:
      Good News / Bad News
      First, the good news:
      It is always nice to receive good news. The good news is that J.A.I.L. has grown so big that normal emailing services are stretched thin, or cannot handle the volumes of email J.A.I.L. sends out, and we are having to go to an industrial email system.
      J.A.I.L. has been using dial-up service to send out its emails, but it was slow and sometimes we are thrown off-line and cannot tell whether our emails were delivered or not.
      Because of this drawback, we decided to "move up" to DSL service. However, the DSL company we hired has admitted that they cannot handle the volume of emails we send, and we had to terminate that service.
      We are now limping back using our old dial-up service.
      Further, we have found that we have to have at least a DSL level connection in order to network our computers of several keyboards into one common data base. (This is not possible using dial-up.) The software is called MS-Exchange.
      I have made inquiry as to what we may be in for in order to support our current volume of sends, and to anticipate our ever-growing expansion of our outreach. It appears that we are in for approximately $60 per month, and we are open for other offers to handle our volume needs. We are very pleased to see J.A.I.L's growth, and anticipate that our email load will greatly increase with our active operations in the state of South Dakota.
      Now for the bad news:
      We made a mailing last month to all of our JAILers everywhere that it was September and everyone was due to send in their $10 support, which, of course, is twice annually. The fact is that in the last approximate month and a half we have received only a single donation of $20. Divided by the number of days, this means our daily support amounted to only 50 cents.
      Obviously, our message failed to be delivered, which draws us back to the point that our email service is inadequate, and needs to be upgraded.
      So, again, I am notifying all JAILers to send in their $10 support for September, to:
      "J.A.I.L."  (Not Ron Branson)
      P.O. Box 207
      North Hollywood, CA. 91603
      If the Lord has blessed you with the substance to send more, it is greatly needed. If J.A.I.L. cannot keep connected to the internet, it will lose its now effective voice. We have sent out nearly two million emails, and we are a very powerful and influential voice to this nation. So, folks, get out those check books and write a check in support of keeping J.A.I.L's voice heard.
      As a suggestion, if anyone wishes to assume this project of keeping J.A.I.L. connected to the internet, it would be a worthy project. We are talking about $60 a month.  God bless.
      -Ron Branson