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86Indianapolis Baptist Temple June 27th Update

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  • jail4judges
    Jul 4, 2000
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          As many of you may already know, the IRS came after Pastor Greg Dixon and Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a fifty year ministry with thousands of church members, for not being a government recognized church. They have consistently refuse the government's seal of recognition through the IRS' 501(c)(3) status, saying the government has no right to be Lord over the church!
          The IRS is seeking to seize the church an make it government property for failure to pay to Caesar what belongs to God. This case has drawn the attention of militia groups across this country who insist that another WACO situation will not exist.
          The following is the latest update, a story of which JAIL has followed and reported closely.  - Ron Branson.
      Sierra Times

      Posted: 06/27/00
      Indianapolis Baptist Temple Update

      INDIANAPOLIS This Just in.
          Sierra Times has learned that the Indianapolis Baptist Temple must vacate the premises by July 7th, as reported on the Stan Solomon show Monday night.  The call came from Pastor Greg Dixon off the air.
          The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago denied a motion on March 21 from IBT to stay enforcement of an order by Judge Sarah Evans Barker which would result in the sale of its property.  But, they did grant the church an expedited appeal on its original motion filed on March 10.  They gave the U.S.  until April 10 to file their answer, and then the rebuttal of IBT
      that was due on April 20.
          The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago heard arguments back on May 11th.  To date there has been no decision made by the appeals court.
          But the government has chosen not to wait for a ruling, instead has ordered Dixon and his congregation to leave the property by July 7th. Sierra Times.com will monitor this story as it develops.  Stay tuned.

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