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  • jail4judges
    Jul 2, 2000
          Thanks for contacting JAIL about child abuse. You have directed our attention to your website, www.angelfire.com/on2/camilliasplace/newsletter.html.
          I have indeed visited your site and personally read it. May I offer the following comments.
          While watching out for the children is a "touching" issue  packed with emotions, (who dosen't love children), and we desire their protection, I cannot think of an issue more threatening to the foundation of our country than government involvement in our homes. One may rest assured that if there is not a problem in the home, government will figure out some way to find a problem and the need for their intervention. 
          The New World Order is riding in chiefly under the "cause" of protecting our children. My ears have become very keen to the phrase "do it for the children."  Every kind of atrocity and socialist scheme has been promoted and advanced in the name of "helping the innocent and needy," and what is more innocent and needy than children?
          Please understand that I am not questioning your motives, but the wisdom of your operation. I can tell you that if your organization has not already been used for a socalist agenda, it is just a matter of time. They would find your cause very appealing.
          In my offer of constructive criticism, do I offer an alternative? Yes! I am a strong believer in cause and effect. Most every ill in our society today is an "effect," not the cause. We so commonly get taken up with emotional effects that we fail to ponder the real cause of the problem.
          I am 54 years of age. It was in my generation that it used to be considered shameful that one has gone through a divorce. It was just something that one would rather not have others know. Were there divorces? Of course, but only a slight percentage of what there is today. The same can be said of child abuse. What has happened? Has the nature of man changed? Not at all. Yet it seems that the more we "seek" a cure to the problem, the bigger the problem becomes. I propose this is because we are dealing with effects, not causes, as I propose your organization is  doing.
          Let's consider the cause for a moment and cite to an illustration of an abusive father. I ask, why is the father abusive? Is it possible that it has nothing directly to do with either his wife or his children, but is the manifestation of the frustration of external pressures upon him -- matters of which he feels he can do nothing about, hence, he takes it out on his wife and his children, and/or the wife in turn takes her frustration about her abusive husband out on her children?
          Now I do not mean to imply this as an absolute rule, but I do believe it is the cause of some 90 to 95% of the problem. I believe they are all the victims of a greater cause.
          So what are these external pressures that the abusive father preceives he can do nothing about? You name it. If you can catch the drift of where I am going with this, I am saying that some 90 to 95% of child abuse originates from the cause of corrupt government policies -- hence, the way to fight child abuse and bitter divorces is to bring about responsible government. Of course this cannot be done overnight, for it takes constant diligence. It is always much easier to look at a  child being abused and motivate people to rally to the "cause," which is, in reality, the effect. (How can anyone resist the picture of a pretty little girl with the pink bow in her hair?) Those who seek our demise know this principle well, and are exploiting it to the max. It is a great promotional vehicle and a sly covering for their real agenda.
          J.A.I.L. is the greatest remedy for the cause of child abuse and abusive parents. Once J.A.I.L. is passed, its effects of accountability shall trickle down into our homes by correcting the real cause of child abuse - unaccountable government. 
      - Ronald Branson -
      Author/founder J.A.I.L. 
      Response to a letter sent to JAIL by Kris Campbell & Jennifer Rowan

      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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