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  • jail4judges
    Mar 22, 2004
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                                 March 22, 2004

      Jes' Doin' M'Job
      How oft we hear the words, "I'm just doing my job" from government bureaucrats. We are going to here explore the inner-thinking of these type of people.
      I now hold in my hand a letter from a federal prisoner incarcerated in the federal prison in Alderson, West Virginia. But there is something very different about this prisoner. He was a police officer "just doing his job," and because he was "just doing his job," according to his own testimony, he now faces ten years.
      He says, "I was a decorated police officer in Prince George's County, Maryland -- until I was sentenced to spend 10 - years in jail -- for doing my job -- All this -- over a dog bite and ... an unfair trial." [Punctuation  his.]
      He says, "I look around these walls -- decorated with the pictures my son draws to cheer me up and I shake my head in wonder ... how did I get here?"
      His story is that he was a decorated police officer that was very well trained in working with, and use of, his police dog, Valk. On the particular occasion here in question, he was in a neighborhood that had been plagued with a lot of burglaries, and he witnessed what he believed to be a burglary suspect who "made a run for it" at the sight of him. He says, "I released Valk, to stop this dangerous suspect just as I'd been taught -- with a procedure called 'bite and hold'. Valk did his job."  The man, Mendez, was treated for dog bite at the hospital, and then released.
      Within the passage of time, according to him, "a Justice Department prosecutor saw a way to make a name for herself. You won't believe it, but she claimed -- I violated Mendez's civil rights when I stopped him from escaping! I was arrested for doing my job and catching a criminal!!! The local media started digging up anything they could about our police department -- true or false. It got the public all riled up. ....
      "They didn't care if it meant throwing me in jail -- for doing my job! .... They stood outside yelling threats and obscenities at me as I walked into the court. I was terrified."
      "All I knew was I couldn't breathe as I heard them convict and sentence me -- without a fair trial. 10 years for doing my job -- protecting our community..."
      He says, "Since the trial, my attorneys have discovered there is a Federal law preventing police officers and firemen from serving on juries. So there wasn't even a question of getting a jury of my peers! The very people who would have understood correct and accepted police procedures, fellow police officers, were prevented from serving.
      "I know this is my last chance. Dear friend -- that's why I desperately need your help. Because if I can't take advantage of this one last chance...I may spend the next ten years in a jail cell instead of raising my son..."
      "I can't tell you how it tortures me as I sit rotting in jail ... thinking about how I put my life on the line every day as a police officer ... and had to resign in disgrace because of a dog bite!"
      He says his last hope is LELDF (Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund), through whom he wishes to challenge the constitutionality of the Federal law that precludes his own fellow police officers from serving on his jury. It is for this reason he argues that his trial was unfair. After all, he argues, he is innocent because he was just doing his job, and who would know better about his job than his own fellow police officers.
      Ironically, those brought up on war crimes during the Nuremberg trial all argued in their defense that they were "just doing their jobs and following orders." Hence, the asserted conclusion sought for justification was that throughout all their atrocities and bloodshed, no one was guilty. Rather, it was just an unfortunate incident.
      A few years ago I sent payment to the DMV for renewal of my auto registration per their request. They received my payment evidenced by the cancelled check, but never sent the registration tab. As a result, I was stopped on the freeway by the California Highway Patrol. I showed him evidence of payment to the DMV, but he nevertheless, in violation of the California Vehicle Code, cited me for non-registration of my vehicle. When I complained that he was violating the law, he said, "I'm just doing my job." Barbie, who was sitting in the car told him, "Why don't you just go somewhere else and do your job." I appeared in court and argued to a full-fledged judge, (not a commissioner), that this California Highway Patrolman, who was not present, willfully violated the very Vehicle Code he claimed to be enforcing.
      The judge called for a ten minute break, and before the break ended he came out with the Vehicle Code rolled back in his hand and said to the prosecutor, "Mr. Branson is right, I am going to have to dismiss this case!" I said, "Good, place your decision on the record so I can have it." The judge said, "How can I do that, I don't have jurisdiction?" And I said, "You have just made a decision, and it is your decision that I want on the record."
      The bottom line was that the judge just disposed of the case while on break, and refused to make any disposition on the record of the case. I sued the California Highway Patrolman for willfully violating state law. The State of California entered on his behalf and argued that this officer was just doing his job as they had ordered him, and therefore was not liable for his actions. I amended my complaint to argue that the State of California has an official policy, practice and custom of ordering their law enforcement officers to violate the very Vehicle Code they were out there "enforcing," to wit, the official job of the California Highway Patrol was to violate State Law.
      By this time I had learned that the entire system of law was a big joke, and that the courts would cover for the State of California. What they came in saying was that I could not sue the State of California, and as a practical matter, they were right because no court would allow the State of California to be found guilty of willfully violating State Law.
      Nonetheless, I proved that the official policy of the State of California was to willfully violate State Law. But I remind you, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and you must obey the law. I believe they call this the height of hypocrisy, if I am not mistaken, or have they now changed the definition of "Hypocrisy?"
      California is hopelessly entangled in politics and unable to escape the net of its own vices. Its corruption and evil is beyond measure, all covered up by a judicial system that does not understand the meaning of the word "Justice."  I am looking forward to the day when J.A.I.L. shall dominate California, and I and all the people shall shout praises for the changes that will be made here.  -Ron Branson

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