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699Fw: bad judge

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  • jail4judges
    May 4 11:52 PM
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      Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 3:44 PM
      Subject: bad judge

      We have a case here in Arkansas that should get everyone's attention.  It began in Alabama, child custody.  However, because of an abusive father, though he is not listed on the birth certificate, this case only started in Alabama.  Now in Arkansas where we have a judge who claims no jurisdiction, but in the next breath, sentences the abused mother to jail for a contempt of court charge because she has put her 8-year old daughter, who has been sexually abused by this man starting at the age of 3, into hiding to protect her from being returned to him.  Now she has been in jail on a 10 day maximum charge, for over 95 days now!   Our new attorney,  yes we found a new one, by the grace of God, said this case just keeps getting better and better.  I don't have any idea how we are going to fight all the injustices here and there,  except for small baby steps like this one.  One at a time, bit by bit.  Thanks for all you can do.