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345*** "Too Busy"

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  • jail4judges
    Apr 4, 2001
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles - April 4, 2001
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      "Too Busy"
      (How Precious Is Your Liberty?)

      There is a childhood folklore entitled "The Little Red Hen" that reads somewhat as follows:

      Once there were four friends – a pig, a duck, a cat, and a little red hen. One day the little red hen discovered some seeds lying openly on the ground. She went to her three friends and asked, "Who will help me plant these seeds?" "Not I," squealed the pig, "I’m too busy." "Not I," quacked the duck, "I’m too busy." "Not I," meowed the cat, "I’m too busy." "Then I will plant the seeds" said the little red hen. And she did.

      Every morning the little red hen watered the seeds and pulled the weeds. Soon the seeds began to sprout and they grew into large stalks of wheat. When the wheat was ripe, the little red hen asked her three friends, "Who will help me cut these stalks and thresh the wheat?" "Not I," meowed the cat, "I’m too busy." "Not I," squealed the pig, "I’m too busy." "Not I," quacked the duck, "I’m too busy." "Then I will cut the stalks and thresh the wheat," said the little red hen. And she did.

      Then the little red hen asked her friends, "Who will help me grind these grains of wheat into flour?" "Not I," quacked the duck, "I’m too busy." "Not I," squealed the pig, "I’m too busy." "Not I," meowed the cat, "I’m too busy." "Then I will grind the wheat into flour," said the little red hen. And she did.

      Then the little red hen asked her three friends, "Who will help me make this flour into a cake?" "Not I," meowed the cat, "I’m too busy." "Not I," squealed the pig, "I’m too busy." "Not I," quacked the duck, "I’m too busy." "Then I will make the flour into a cake," she said. And she did. She gathered sticks and made a fire in the stove and baked the cake.

      Soon the delicious smell of freshly baked cake filled the air, and the cat, the duck and the pig came running to the little red hen as she was removing the beautiful cake from the oven. "I’ll have some," said the pig. "I’ll have some," said the duck. "I’ll have some too," said the cat.

      "Oh, no," said the little red hen. This cake is just for the four of us, me and my three little chicks." And so the little red hen ate it all up, she and her three little chicks, down to the very last crumb.

      In the real world, we all face the necessities of life, i.e., the day to day schedule of providing for themselves and their own. But when I have posed to many of these people the proposition of investing some of their time and resources back in bringing our country back to liberty, I receive the answer, "Not I, I’m too busy," as they tell me their common plight of which everyone is involved. "I’ve got a wife and kids, I’ve got to make a living, I’ve got a business to run, I’m just plain too busy," as though I were the only one that did not have such encumbrances.

      Just yesterday I was told by someone that they would love to help, but they have a business to run, and besides, J.A.I.L. has too many lose ends. I wondered why? I could spell out some specifics and name some names, but I shall restrain myself.

      Then, today, I received a letter via U.S. mail from an ex-multi-millionaire in federal prison who says they have been thrown in federal prison by a judge through a sham judicial proceeding whereby they were denied a right to attend their own hearing and in which they were stripped of $20,000,000 of their property. These are staggering figures in my mind that people like this had the luxury of losing such vast sums of this world’s goods.

      Time and time again I am told by people of losing such figures as $400,000, $800,000, and a different party than that spoken of above, $20,000,000. Every time I hear such stories, I contemplate on what J.A.I.L. could have done toward obtaining freedom with such vast resources. But the common rule is, people come to us after they have lost everything as though we were their last and only hope.

      We receive a number of letters from prisoners, and others such as this once multi-millionaire which we have had to ignore by sending them no response. Just recently we have attempted to adopted a policy of sending them at least a postcard that says, "We’re sorry, but we do not have either the staff or the resources to maintain correspondence with them." It’s sad, but true, most everyone is "too busy" to consider, or support such a trivial thing as "Freedom" and "Liberty." After all, they’ve got their jobs and livelihood to think about.

      It is only after some judge strips them naked, and removes their loved ones from them, and gives them to another, and separates them from all their worldly possessions of which they were "too busy" acquiring, and only after the judge makes them pay dearly for the "privilege" of being a victim of a crooked and fraudulent judicial proceeding, do they cry out to be heard by those of whom they were before "too busy" to consider. But we have no resources to attend unto them, because they held no value on what we were doing, and did not support the cause.

      I find that people generally are still just too comfortable. They haven’t suffered enough yet. They are too self-centered and just plain old "too busy." Therefore I call upon you judges of this county to teach these people the precious value of Liberty and Freedom. Take from them their loved ones. Take from them their homes and those things which that they have so valued and have been "too busy" collecting. Give them time in your jails and your prisons so they may have time away from their busy schedules to think about the value of Freedom and Liberty. Teach them that there is no such thing as being "too busy" to strive to obtain Liberty. Make them cry out in their agony and their misery until their eyes are opened to the truth. Give them a change of heart and cause them to rise up with boldness and determination to make strive for freedom despite their busy schedules.

      And this know, all ye judges of this nation, when you shall have taught us our lesson well, and we shall have learned to set our priorities right, and we have learned to keep on focus, then shall we set up citizens’ panels of Grand Jurors all across this country, and in every state to monitor your deeds, and to hold each and everyone of you personally accountable for your deeds that you have done to us, that we may have the Freedom and Liberty you have so wonderfully taught us to value.

      "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jer. 29:13.

      I ask all you people, how precious is your Freedom?

      I Am

      Ronald Branson

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