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1560Sotomayor Says Judges Make Laws in this Country

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  • JAIL4Judges
    May 30, 2009

      Sotomayor Says Judges

      Make Laws in this Country


      Sotomayor's states that appellate courts are where public policies are made;




      She then catches herself on what she had just said, and realizes she should not have urged that contention before cameras, and tries to cover it up as cats do following deification.


      The fact remains, Sonia Sotomayor does indeed believe courts make laws in this country, and in so saying, she was not seeking to expose the courts for this unconstitutional act of judicial activism in violation of their Oaths of Office. As a Justice, she is anxious to establish new laws for this country.


      -Ron Branson




      PS – One of our long-time notable JAILers, Scott Huminski has experienced being a plaintiff before Sonia Sotomayor, and here are his comments;


      I litigated before Sotomayor, Huminski v. Haverkoch 11/5/04, 03-7036 2d. Cir..  Aside from ignoring the facts and applicable law, Sotomayor could not even get the standard of review correct.  It was De Novo (cross motions for summary judgment) not reversible error as Sotomayor found.  Law school 101 flunk-out.  Dangerous jurist.  


      Scott Huminski


      Former Vermont JAILer

      Driven out of Vermont by the Judges whom he challenged