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1523ABC's 20/20: Jailing Kids for Cash

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Mar 30 7:34 PM
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      Sad to say these judges are from up here ... happy to say RON, you inspired us to cleanup the PA. courts. Blessings to you ... these judges are GOING TO JAIL!


      Rev. Brian Thomas


      ABC's 20/20: Jailing Kids for Cash


      Not long ago, J.A.I.L. sent out to its readership a printed story about “Jailing Kids For Cash.” This story has caused a public outrage that has now hit the national

      television media. 20/20 on ABC has shown a story on this on their 20/20 program,

      and trailers of this program may be seen as per below.


      20/20 VIDEO:

      Jailing Kids for Cash





      Headlines Article: Judges Accused of Jailing Kids for Cash, by Frank Mastropolo