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1478The Lies of South Dakota

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Nov 11, 2008
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      The Lies of South Dakota


      While searching the internet, I came across an heretofore unknown by me post placed on the internet by Attorney Tom Barnett, the Director of the South Dakota Bar Association, who  spread lies regarding the South Dakota J.A.I.L. Initiative. It is found on the internet at http://sdra.org/dwnld/amendment_e.doc


      -Ron Branson





      Vote NO on Amendment E

      – by Tom  Barnett, South Dakota State Bar



      Amendment E, the so-called judicial accountability initiative would allow criminals and disgruntled litigants, after they have lost their cases and lost their appeals, to go after jurors, judges, school board members, city council members, county commissioners and many, many other citizen board members.  Further, all these citizens would have their homes and businesses at risk and would have to pay for their own defense lawyers.


      Even California thought it was a bad idea and refused to place it on their ballot – so the author from North Hollywood brought it to South Dakota .


      The Special Grand Jury that E creates would have the power to ignore, reject, and amend the law, including our property and personal rights guaranteed to us by our state constitution – and their decision is final with no appeal.


      Amendment E is opposed by the South Dakota Retailers Association, South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, 74 cities, 53 county commissions, and dozens and dozens of School Boards, the South Dakota Bankers Association and a host of other agricultural, business and professional organizations. Amendment E is opposed by our entire Congressional Delegation who recognize that Amendment E would devastate our state’s economic climate and is further opposed by Governor Mike Rounds, Democrat candidate Jack Billion, and the entire legislature.


      Amendment E will result in a violation of the federal constitution, thereby subjecting the state to lawsuits for damages and attorney fees – and taxpayers will get the bill.


      Please talk to your employees, your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote NO on E.