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1473Truth Stranger Than Fiction

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Oct 30, 2008


      Truth Stranger Than Fiction


      It is commonly said that truth is stranger than fiction. I was invited as a guest to a free screening of the movie “Changeling.” It will be coming out soon to the public.


      Do not let the strangeness of the title fool you as it is a “must see” which I would rate at least a 9 ½ on a scale of 1 to 10. It is based upon a true story and involves the 1930’s L.A.P.D.  The best I could describe it, it is an account of the People v. government, and vice-versa, with a major cover-up of paramount proportions. While one may be inclined to “thank God that such corruption was brought to light, and has now ceased,” I am inclined to state that an even bigger more subtle corruption is at play currently within our judiciary. As you now know as reported to you by J.A.I.L. a couple days ago, the entire judiciary of Los Angeles County was exposed as universally involved double-dipping, fraud, and all kinds of corruption, with every case involving the interests of the County of Los Angeles going down in flames. Adding to what we have already reported, it was Los Angeles County defense Attorney Fredrick Bennett who boldly boasted, “We’ve never lost a case against the County…” Indeed, this record is stated elsewhere to go back as far as 1988. Obvious, all these cases for the last twenty years involving the County of Los Angeles should be revisited for fraud. When I have brought suit in Federal Court against the County, Fredrick Bennett would appear and say to the judge prior to the “trial,” How’s your wife, and how are the kids, etc, giving me the impression that he just joined them last week in the park for a picnic. The corruption is so bad the county does not even attempt to hide it, even as defendants, walking up and bending over to the judge to whisper in his ear during the litigation.


      Anyway, my purpose for writing is to tell you, if you have an opportunity, and wish to do so, you should see “Changeling.”


      -Ron Branson