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1448Digging Up Relics

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Aug 2, 2008
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      Digging Up Relics
      Someone dug up and brought to light some of our old J.A.I.L. News Journal relics. The forgotten one below now appearing on a current Google Alert is dated August 12, 2001. Although dusty, it is still worthy of dusting off and republishing. Back in those days were were much smaller and very much less influential. But we are still here. Enjoy!
      - Ron Branson

      August 12, 2001 
      Ode To The Judges
      Here I stand all broken hearted,
      Before a Judge deemed mentally retarded

      I showed him the facts, I showed him the law,
      As he sat there daydreaming about his new golf ball.

      Perhaps I could join the illustrious club,
      I then would have a shoulder of a Judge to rub.

      The system is corrupted, as all of us actually know,
      But where else do we turn to, as we have no place else to go.

      So I will stand so humble, yet so true,
      As I ask this man in black, "Are you God too?"

      One man with the power, and for this the lawyers will rave,
      But 100 years from now, this dude and I shall lie in our grave.

      With this in mind, what else do I say,
      But to stand up with pride and help them all fade away.
      *   *   *
      Our best record shows this was sent to us by "Spiker."
      [JAIL4Judges: - The answer to an otherwise hopeless situation.]
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