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1381New World Order Christmas CD

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Dec 23 10:40 PM
      New World Order Christmas CD
      Nine Free New Songs for 2004!

      Get yours today!

      Send Property Forfeitures, copy of your National ID, retina scan, and complete set of fingerprints to:

      NWO CD
      Homeland Security
      C\o Gestapo Division
      Washington, DeCeived 00666

      Bring back holiday memories with old time favorites such as...

      It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Russia
      Deck The Streets With Mics And Cameras, Tra La La La La La Lalala
      What Child Is This With No Microchip?
      Oh Christians Flee, Oh Christians Flee
      God, Rest Ye Merry Jack-Booted Thugs
      Ashcroft, The Nazi Overseer
      O Come All Ye Commies
      Silent Night, Kristallnacht
      Blow Up The World! World War Has Come!
      Little Caesar Boy
      Jay-El Cells, Jay-El Cells
      O Little Clown Of Washington
      I'm Dreaming Of A New World Order
      I Saw Mommy Take the Pox Vaccine
      Hark!  The Clinking Clanking Chains
      I Saw Three Tanks Come Rolling In
      Mushroom Clouds We Have Seen on High

      Plus Nine New Songs:

      Martial Law Is Coming To Town
      It's The Most Wonderful War of the Year
      It Came Upon Terror and Fear
      Nuclear-Winter Wonderland
      All I Want for Christmas is Iraqi's Oil Fields
      Today, We're in Danger, the Bill of Rights are Dead.
      Saddam Got Run Over By Illuminati Profiteers
      Osamy, The Show Man
      Good King Georgesenseless
      Plus many other holiday hits!

      Copyright- Illuminati Tunes

      ------------ --------
      We Want to Give it to you!
      Get Yours TODAY!
      Or Else.