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1272Lessons From American History

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  • JAIL4Judges
    Aug 30, 2007
      Lessons From American History
      A long time ago in America a man knocked on the door of a house of ill repute. The madam opened the little door, and asked, "How may I help you, Sir?" The gentleman said, "I am here to see Dolly."
      The madam says, "Oh, Dolly is our most expensive woman, I'm sure you would be well satisfied with one of our other more economical women." The man says, "No, its got to be Dolly!"
      The madam says, "Very well, Dolly costs one thousand dollars a night in cash and up front." The man, draws out a pack of one hundred dollar bills and counts out ten and extends them to her. The madam opens the door and the man enters and spends the night with Dolly.
      The next night there is a rap, rap, rap on the front door, and the madam opens the little door, and says, "Oh, it's you again." The man says, "I'm here to see Dolly again." The madam says, "Sirs, I need to inform you that there are no multiple discounts, the fee is still one thousand dollars in cash in advance." The man peels off the money and holds it up. The madam opens the door and he again spends the night with Dolly.
      The third night there is a rap, rap, rap on the front door. The madam answers the door and says, "I suppose you are here to see Dolly again." He says, "That's correct" as the man again holds up one thousand dollars. He enters and spends a third night with Dolly.
      In the morning Dolly says to the man, "Sir, I can't say that I have never had repeat customers before, but you are the very first to come three consecutive nights in a row. Will you be coming to see me often? The man says, "Well, you see, I am an attorney temporarily in town with another client, and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I am supposed to inform you that your aunt passed away, and that she left you three thousand dollars in her will. I am the executor of the will, and I have now performed my duty here and will be leaving town, so I won't be seeing you anymore.
      And so circulated the saying in America, "I was screwed by an attorney."

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