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1158Let's Keep The Drums A' Rollin

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    Mar 30, 2006
      Let's Keep The Drums A' Rollin
      (By Lee Dorman - leedorman@...)
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      .... U.S. citizens are thought to be fools in the mind of the Courts and Legal Profession, in my opinion.  It is refreshing to have true patriots like the folks at J.A.I.L. to take the initiative to take action to preserve the Constitution as it was intended and written, for our sake.

      I can't express my appreciation enough that Mr. Ron Branson is giving so much of his time and effort to do this for us. He inspires me. I respect that!

      America is nearly lost, and if we don't help Ron with this effort, we shall be lost.  It makes me sad to think America is not taking more interest, even though there is a ground-swell of support already for the J.A.I.L. Legislation.  We must keep the Drums rolling.

      Lee Dorman