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1081Major General Sorensen Asserts His Authority!

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    Jan 17, 2006
      Major General Sorensen
      Asserts His Authority!
      I got the polo shirts. Obtained the two Major General stars. Put them on the J.A.I.L. polo shirt collar and headed for Montgomery [AlabamaCapitol.
      I took the letter to the Governor along with a copy of J.A.I.L. for Alabama. I met with Don Woods, Constituent Staff and talked with him about the J.A.I.L. and that I wanted the Governor's support to put this on the 2006 Ballot in November.  Nothing like getting pushy!
      I then walked across the street to the State House and again met with my Rep. Charles Newton. He has a lot of questions and concerns (personally believe he was showing me he had looked it over and was just trying to appease me). In any event, I gave him your phone number. He said it wasn't written as a House Bill so it would all have to be re-worked.  Told him that was not a problem as long as they kept the J.A.I.L. intact.
      Sure had people taking notes of me as I walked through the halls. Tomorrow, I should have my business cards. Then I can make a trip through those halls and pass out the cards to those I meet.
      Nothing is going to happen in Alabama unless thousands of JAILers are calling, writing and meeting with their Legislators.  We need to get the JAILers talking to their family, friends and sending e-mails out to everyone they know. I have relatively few contacts. These Legislators need to hear from their Constituents.  HELP!
      Ron, we had a good [radio] show that was informative. I will listen in tomorrow to see if we sparked any kind of interest. I really appreciate your help.
      Major General Harold Sorensen
      Alabama JAILer-In-Chief
      (Major General Sorensen, where's your photograph so we can see what you look like?  -Ron)