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  • Bob Compton
    May 19 8:46 PM
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      You need to become the moderator of this group. This group will
      any member of the J4J list to add themselves, delete themselves or
      change their e-mail address. Also, this group keeps all past e-mails
      so new members can view all past posts. You need to use this group
      responsibly. Ensure that you do NOT post ANYTHING directly related
      the JAIL initiative or stories regarding the judiciary. Please, do
      not post jokes or 'inspiring' stuff. It will tend to alienate
      members. Use your personal address list for that. All you need to
      is respond to that first message I sent you and you will become a
      member of your own list. Right now I'm the moderator. Once you
      become a member, I'll make you a moderator and you can do all kinds
      neat things. The best part is you no longer have to manage your
      e-mail list. All you have to do is e-mail the message you want sent
      to jail4judges@egroups.com and it will get distributed to everyone on
      the list automatically. I anticipate that you'll be getting
      of members soon. Managing that on your own would be a real headache!
      This makes it much easier & its free!!! Call me at home tonite
      10pm or tomorrow nite between 8 & 10 if you have any questions. If
      you want me to setup your e-mail list onto the eGroups server, I'll
      that for you, too. Just send me your address book.

      Bob Compton,