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Free Christians Newsletter Aug 1, 2001

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    ********************************************** *FREE CHRISTIANS NEWSLETTER (Aug 1, 2001) * *Rapid Translation, Schnelle Uebersetzung: *
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      *Rapid Translation, Schnelle Uebersetzung: *
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      *www.babelfish.altavista.com *

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jahchristian for archives etc

      Suggested Bible readings for associating individuals and groups for August 2001, with 1 Bible chapter per week): Matthew 26, 27, 28, Mark 1.


      First a followup from Bill Bowen who is exposing the Watchtower Society's coverup policy on pedophilia. His previous letter said ex-Jehovah's Witness Erica was, due to a legal technicality, having to go back to court to yet again face a child molestor (JW) who was already convicted as a pedophile, and the last time no one had been there on her side of the courtroom. So Bill asked those who could to show up and support her. Last heard several did plan to. Bill will also be at the Washington state (USA) courtroom testifying. He wrote:

      "I received the suggestion below in an email and thought it might be a nice gesture. If you would like to send flowers or cards of support to the courthouse the address is:

      Adams County Courthouse
      210 West Broadway
      Ritzville, WA

      The date of trial is August 14 through 16 as I understand it. The email I received:

      Is there any other way short of actually traveling to Ritzville, that we may show our support for Erica? However, I’d like to do something to show support that is more than just symbolic. I feel sure that many people will feel this way, so if you or we can think up some way to show support I’d be willing to do it.

      Sitting here writing, I’m wondering how it would work if all Erica’s supporters sent flowers to her in care of the court all on the same day? I feel certain that many of the folks on the bb would be happy to do that if they can’t actually be present. I wonder at the testimony? I mean, the court has got to do something with the flowers, and they would be addressed to Erica, after all."

      So if you can't be there in person, flowers would be nice!

      Although writing in a somewhat confusing style remindful of how some JWs and others in other groups do verbal identity testing to see if you were an elder etc, a reader calling himself "Kuzin" asked if we the editors would be just as concerned about child molestation if the molestor were not one of Jehovah's Witness. YES! is the answer. Any abuse of children is wrong. If in addition to the articles on such abuses among various other groups that we've already published (check the archives Kuz'), we indeed do write even more on those that harm our JW families and friends, then why shouldn't we! We have a genuine heartfelt concern and the issue is of extreme importance. We again commend Bill Bowen for exposing this travesty of a coverup directed by Watchtower policy.

      Adults also are harmed by cruel thoughtlessness which also gets flung through the dark by elders scurrying to cover up for the Watchtower so-called extension of the Mother organization in heaven. Yes, bear witnesss, Friends, to the following which "Dorothy" wishes to share with EVERYONE. Put a copy on your websites too if you want. Her story:

      "I was baptised in the late 1980s, and married a brother a few months later. The following year we had a baby boy, a very much wanted baby boy too, but I suffered from post-natal depression which got worse and worse. Neither of us had any family around us to help and as you know we were discouraged from forming close friends with the world. My husband also had a mental illness but that didn't stop him from pioneering and taking an active part in all the meetings.

      I began to get very spiritualy weak from missed meetings due to depression and a new baby. Both my husband and myself spoke to the elders about this but we were ignored. It carried on until our child was 3 years old. In the meantime I had disassociated myself because the world offered more friends and I could be "me" not some puppet told how I'm supposed to think, act, and feel. But I was still attending meetings and working towards eventual reinstatment. When our son was 3, due to a combination of his illness, a small child, a depressed wife and the usual pressure from being in the truth brings, my husband finaly broke down and asked the doctor for help. As a result of that social services were called in and they took our son into what they said was temporary care.

      Still the elders were not interested, they didn't even visit, they simply told my husband to co-operate with them. A few months later social services decided they wanted to have our son adopted and said they would take us to court to get their way. Two elders then visited us, one a childless elder, the other the presiding overseerer, a father of 4 and a grandfather. They were most concerned at how this would look and forbade us to discuss the situation with anyone in or out of the truth. They didn't even like the fact we had to discuss it with our lawyer and suggested that we not. They wanted it to cause as little fuss as possible. We begged social services to place our child now almost 5 with Witnessess, and with our lawyer's agreement we advertised for a Witness family to come forward. Ourselves and social services didnt mind our doing this, but the elders DID mind.

      The same two came round to our house and forbade us from doing this. They hated it. I can only assume it was coloring their whiter than white image a bit. They didn't like it. They accually said that it didn't matter how he was bought up. Anyway needless to say we lost in the end and our child was adopted by persons unknown in the world. I don't think either of us attended any more meetings after that. My husband was hospitalised quite a lot after that and died that year. I went to the funeral with two non-Witness friends of mine who were absolutely appalled by the way I was totaly ignored by the rest of the congregation, and one of them actually said within hearing of the elder conducting the service that if this is what the Witnessess were like she'd never talk to them ever again.

      Anyway I've sinced remarried and we have a little daughter. Fortunately she dislikes the Witnessess as much as I do. We won't even let them ring our doorbell now.


      Again, rudeness and abuse are rudeness and abuse regardless of religious group, and WE WILL KEEP PUBLISHING SUCH MATTERS BECAUSE TRUTH'S LIGHT MAKES DARKNESS FLEE.

      Amanda wrote the following, although as it occurs, a few revealing details were edited in order to better protect her friend's identity who is yet to say if she wants her story also published:

      "Thought I would drop you line and let you know what is up. Been
      reading your newsletters about Boeman and the JWs hidding sex offenders and
      blaiming the vitims simply to make sure that the org "looks good". This is true of one of my best friends. My friend was in JW but walked away the same time I did. Her father who was not JW and his friends sexually abused her as a pre=teen. When she told this to 3 elders they told her it was all her fault. This disturbed her thinking for some time..so that for a while she was lead to believe that Christianity may not be for her because she felt it was a religion where men abuse women in the name of God. She has come around now slowly. If you would like I could ask her to share her story."

      Answer, yes, Amanda, yes, if she wishes to share it, then let's do it.
      She also wrote again that she is non-fundamentalist but still may attend a fundamentalist jam in Southern California, not just for the music that reaches young people but to tell about it later, and she likes it that if she attends she won't have to be dressed up like someone in Little House On The Prairie.


      Dear Jehovah's Witness Congregation, The references to Watchtower literature, scriptures and documents here do hold up! Show elders and CO's too if you like but keep a copy somewhere for sending copies to others of these 4 things.

      (A) Acts 15:20 says abstain from blood but 1 Sam 14:32-5 says Saul's army ate unBLED meat to not starve and all evidence is God forgave them just as in Matthew 7 Christ says God also forgave David's eating temple holy bread and that God wants mercy not sacrifice. The May 22, 1994 Awake tells of 26 of the JW children who died without transfusions, and using blood expanders etc doesn't help in cases of massive bleeding, so why don't your leaders declare this a matter for a New Light change? (B) 1 Corinthians 6:1 only says judge “trivial” things as in business. James 2:4-13 calls judging harmful, and Paul says only the "majority" (2 Cor 2:6), followed his advice to shun, meaning a minority chose not to and he nowhere condemns them. So why the formal judicial committes destroying families? (C) Look at pages 302 in the Daniel book and 88, 651 of the Proclaimers book. See the Knights Templar swords and the cross-with-crown-and-wreath used by Masons who sometimes use "Theocratic Warfare" tactics to change members’ personalities on early Watchtower literature, some old books also have the winged sun god Ra, never ever a Christian symbol! Elders refuse to loan out the elders-only Pay Attention To Yourselves And All The Flock book clearly pictured on page 232 of Proclaimers. Aren't all told to report on each other though Bible condemns busy-bodying? Nobody's making this up, folks, look at those pages. (D) Leo Greenlees was a child molester fellow Governing Body members reassigned but never disfellowshipped in the 1980s and to this second child abuse is officially covered up. To find a copy of the letter to the Bodies Of Elders regular members aren't shown see: www.silentlambs.org, freeminds.org, observer.org

      OTHER NEWS: The following three articles may remind us that at John 14:2 Christ says "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you," So, for some the application for that verse may be taking on new significance, a significance still others would prefer to not entertain. Yes, for some our heavenly Father's house may be likened to star-studded outer space where His planets can also be quite fittingly compared to highly interesting "mansions."

      SAYS HAS PROOF EXTRATERRESTRIAL BACTERIA SEED EARTH DAILY: The first unambiguous, positive evidence that living bacterial cells enter Earth's upper atmosphere from space was officially reported July 29, 2001 at the Astrobiology session of the 46th Annual SPIE meeting in San Diego, by Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff U in Wales on behalf of an international team of scientists located in the UK and Pune, India. Samples of stratospheric air were collected January 21 under super-stringent aseptic conditions using a balloon flown sampler launched at Hyderabad, India, later analyzed at Cardiff U by Professors David Lloyd and Melanie Harris. The samples came from as high as 41 km, well above the local tropopause (16 km), above which no air from lower down would normally be transported, with detection from a fluorescent cyanine dye only taken up by living cell membranes. It is extremely improbably that the bacteria, which do appear like some that are already on earth were up that high due to space previously launced satellites. Cellular variation with height of distribution strongly indicates 1/3 tons of cells fall daily over all the earth. Cardiff U is home to the UK's first Center for Astrobiology, allowing the UK to contribute to space missions probing for life on solar system bodies and is a joint initiative between Cardiff and the U of Wales College of Medicine. Cardiff's service to Wales and the world dates to its 1883 royal charter founding; independent government assessments recognize it as one of Britain’s leading research and teaching universities. (unisci.com July 30, 2001; UPI article, space.com)

      1975 "MARKED YEAR" OF NEW LIGHT ABOUT MARS: NASA in August and September 1975 launched two Viking spacecraft which almost a year later entered Mars’ atmosphere 4,828 km apart and collected data which NASA decided showed chemical activity but not life. Joseph Miller, a USC neurobiologist and expert in the study of circadian rhythms regulating biological activity, careful reexamined a fragment of the recovered NASA record and reports it shows a pattern clearly indicating life forms. In one test a robotic arm on a probe had scooped up and dropped soil samples into a dish along with a shot of a radioactive carbohydrate solution. Any organisms would consume the nutrients and release radioactive carbon as a gas, something the probe was equipped to measure, said Miller. This did happen over the 9-week experiment but scientists just called the activity the product of reactive chemical "superperoxides" in the soil. Miller who worked with NASA in the early 1980s studying sleep cycles of squirrel monkeys in space asked NASA to go back over the experiment’s record in 1999. They finally located archives of long-neglected computer tapes but the information was coded in a format so old the programmers knowing it had died.

      Fortunately he was able to assemble and analyze from about one third of a printed record the initial NASA team had. The gas emissions from a sample fell into a 24.66 hours cycle, the length of the Martian day, a pattern linked to a slight variation in the temperature inside the mostly insulated lander, a pattern of heightened activity in the warmer daytime and inactivity at night akin to the kind of temperature-driven circadian rhythm simple terrestrial organisms such as bread moulds exhibit. The amount of carbon gas released rose during the experiment but dropped sharply when the soil sample was heated to 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit), apparently because of killing microbes. At the time Viking landed on Mars little was known about circadian cycles so that Miller's new examination sheds new light and brings his estimation that Viking found life on Mars in 1975 to 90%. Other recent studies suggest shallow ice reserves below Mars' surface which could sustain life. Miller presented the new information at the International Society for Optical Engineering’s 46th Annual Meeting in San Diego will encourage NASA and European researchers to revive bio-experiments in the next generation of Mars probes. (July 28, 2001, Reuters; space.com)

      POSSIBILITY OF LIFE ON MARS STIRS NEW DEBATE: The orbiting Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), even though it proved a face-like edifice was made by geology rather than humanoids, has also been providing photos that have space writer Sir Arthur Clarke saying based on select MGS photos he's "quite serious" that Mars has something changing with seasons that reasonably can only be interpreted in terms of vegetation. He said so to an audience at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, in email to space.com and by phone from his home in Sri Lanka. To him one image appears to show something like banyan trees. Andras Horvath, head of the Budapest Planetarium in Hungary and associated researchers, including a theoretical biologist, and an evolutionary biologist, examined countless MGS images, and also see probable vegetation on Mars, contrasting shots taken 1998-2001 focusing largely on the south polar region and studying images that span late winter to early spring in the planet's southern hemisphere. In 50 craters they note nearly circular dark dune splotches up to roughly 700 feet (a few hundred meters) across that elongate in spring. Highest resolution snapshots show the spots sporting inner ring structure.

      Others including NASA and Arizona State University-Tempe scientists maintain the photos show cyclical changes of frost and wind-cast dust affected by temperatures, surface properties, and a complex process of carbon dioxide and water vaporizing and solidifying. But Szathmary says the dark dune spots don't usually appear on ridges exposed to maximum sunlight but in deeper, more protected areas which disproves simple frosting-defrosting. His teams postulates plants with high absorbency pigments. In winter soil below the spots is deep-frozen by a kind of ice or frost, the organisms staying between that
      soil surface and the ice sheet. Due to ice transparency light warms them at winter's end, helping melt some surrounding ice into liquid while the plants also feed on soil nutrients. Since spots mainly appear in the polar region, this suggests a long period of sunlight is needed for the features to form. Earth's closest analog is a mid-ice photosynthethic bacterial grouping in Antarctica. On the other hand, one passionate MGS analyst who has been a camouflage and visual expert with 30 years of military experience thinks the items are wiring bundles under a circuit board, some kind of NASA foul-up
      needing exposed. (The original article was on SPACE.com but you can search first though it may since have been archived; for actual photos from the surveyor satellite see marsunearthed.com)

      TURNING RED BLOOD CELLS INTO ANTI-CANCER MISSLES: Prof Tony McHale and a team at Gendel Ltd, a University spin-out biotechnology company based on McHale's research and on the U Science Research Park at Coleraine, Ireland, have developed a way to load red blood cells with a payload of drugs which can be released by a beam of ultrasound when they hit the target diseased tissue while keeping debilitating side effects to a minimum. Red blood cells are sensitized so as to burst open when exposed to ultrasound. A beam focuses on the tissue where the drug is needed, injected red cells loaded with the drug launch through the blood stream to the tissue underneath the beam where they
      burst, releasing a drug payload directly into the diseased cells but leaving surrounding healthy tissues unaffected. If the technology proves successful in clinical trials in humans it could be used to load red blood cells with a range of drugs used to treat a variety of diseases. Alfred Strachere, editor-in-chief of the prestigious journal Drug Delivery, also said the technique looked promising. (unisci.com July 24, 2001)

      More news articles appear farther down.


      In the USA Far West: Indian Grinding Rock State Historical Park, CA
      (w. of San Francisco) Midwest: Finger Lakes State Park, MO (between
      St L & KC, north of Columbia) Upper Midwest: Illini State Park, IL
      (Chicago, Joliet, Ottawa areas) South: Kentucky Dam Village State
      Resort Park, KY (soutwest of Paducah) Northeast: Millis-Norrie State
      Park, NY (near Poughkeepsie & NYC)

      Again in Canada, Australia etc simply locate the main public
      campground nearest your provincial, territorial or national capital.
      If weather is unfavorable you may be able to use a free room in the
      main public library or civic center, however may be best. Jah's
      Spirit will bless your efforts.

      Plan now and start inviting others to go along. Bring a Bible to
      camp out at the noted places in particular, or else, if you cannot
      attend at those place, use the occasion to camp at any main park
      campground in your own state, provincial or national capital. Even
      if in 2001 you invited no one and so no one else appeared at your
      particular chosen site do keep coming in following years for these
      places will become better known as time passes, although more quickly
      so especially IF YOU ADVERTISE them a lot and regularly locally for
      the benefit of other exJWs, exSDA etc, i.e. Free Christians in

      Please bring insect repellant, more than enough food and water,
      comfortable shoes and other clothing, bedding, first-aid, Bible to
      lay in view for easy identification and enjoy reading from, etc. No
      alchoholic beverages please. Especially remind children to be careful
      and be looking out for them. Each person or family assumes all
      responsibilities including the need to make their own timely
      arrangements and pay fees if required for overnight camping. Consult
      a state map or atlas for better details on getting to the selected
      site. If none of these places are close enough or otherwise lacking,
      feel free to substitute. To assure that you don't wind up alone, why
      not invite persons friendly toward the Bible to go camping with you!

      STUDENT UNREST IN KENYA has closed 30 schools in Kenya within a single month. Female students from one of the nation’s oldest, most prestigious schools, Alliance Girls High School, protest marched through downtown Nairobi demanding the removal of their headmistress, Mrs Rebecca Karanja, a walk of over 20 km (6+ miles) to the city centre in the first ever such demonstration in Alliance’s 54-year history. Kenya’s schools have had other problems. In March 2001 schoolboys at the Kyanguli Secondary School in Machakos burnt 67 peers to death. High school boys have sporadically attacked female students in their own and neighbouring schools. Drugs abuse has been blamed. Caning was recently banned but many of the problems occurred the ban. In September 1999 Human Rights Watch revealed that teachers routinely slap, pinch, kick and cane students with bamboos or wooden sticks, even flog with rubber whips. Boys are usually caned on the bottom, girls hit on the hand palm although also sometimes all over their bodies, including the head. (The East African, Nairobi, July 23, 2001)

      CHRISTIAN RELIEF FOR THE ILL AND DISABLED: Family Care Foundation's Medical Relief Fund (MRF) is designed to help families with members suffering severe illnesses or disabilities with direct financial assistance. The program helps families receive medical treatment or rehabilitation best suited for their need with the least burden upon the family's finances. To make a huge difference for someone in great need go to http://www.familycare.org/medical%20relief/medicalrelief1.htm now.

      BELIEFS: Free Christians including the Active Christians of Jah (or
      Jah Christians), Black Mountain Christians, Paducah Area Free
      Christians etc, are individuals and groups who base fellowship on a
      person's being peaceful and wholesome, not perfect. Our unity`s from
      LOVE and Christian basics at Heb 6:1-2 rather than forced uniformity
      of beliefs. Though Romans 14:1-5 grants freedom to differ many do
      believe God will resurrect some on Earth and others go serve from
      heaven (Mt 5:5, 6:10), we need to help the needy (Ga 2:10), share the
      Good News as God's Spirit helps (Mt 28:19), recognize formal forms of
      God's name (Jah, Yahweh, Jehovah) but for closeness call Him FATHER
      (Mt 6:9, Ro8:15), seek continuous growth in Christ (Jn 17:3). Though
      any group of two or more may pick servants, as with earliest
      Christianity the only Leader over us all is God's Son Jesus Christ
      (Mt 23:10, 1Ti 2:5). God's Spirit baptizes you (Jn 1:33, Ac11:16),
      water baptism symbolizes the spiritual baptism. Our branch of the
      one Christian faith (Eph 4:5) began in 1998. To be one of us at once
      (Ac16:33) you simply share these beliefs. (Mt 28:19)


      This is German Lentil Soup with Frankfurters and yields 8 servings. Healthy foods bring healthy minds and spirits:

      2 x Med Onions, peeled; chopped
      1 x Clove Garlic, crushed
      2 x Med Carrots,(scraped,chopped
      2 x Stalks Celery,(cleaned,chopp
      2 T Salad Oil
      8 c Water
      2 c Lentils, washed; drained
      1 x Bay Leaf
      1 1/2 t Salt
      1/4 t Pepper
      1 lb Frankfurters, sliced thickly
      2 T Cider Vinegar

      Saute onions, garlic, carrots, and celery in heated oil in a large kettle for 5 minutes.

      Add water, lentils, bay leaf, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil. Lower heat and cook slowly, covered, about 30 minutes, until lentils are just tender. Add frankfurters and cook another 10 minutes.

      Remove from heat and stir in vinegar. Remove and discard bay leaf. (garvick.com)

      other advertising invite a group to enjoy fellowship and a Bible
      reading in your private home or some public spot such as an
      inexpensive restaurant, a park etc each Sunday noon or as you know
      best. Select a Bible chapter or scriptures in a chapter that you will
      be reading, attenders may sit informally in a circle or around a
      table, sing or chant a Psalm, pray, read 2 Timothy 3:16 which reminds
      everyone that not a person but the Bible is the main Teacher (2Tim
      3:16), each time gently encourage those attending to personally apply
      the chapter or scriptures, read the selected chapter or scriptures,
      encourage attenders to invite newcomers to come or form a new group
      meeting in their own home or wherever is best (Mt 7:7, 28:18), pray,
      sing or chant a Psalm. You may informally share views or teach each
      other or the children new things after the formal meeting, share a
      meal or snack treat, volunteers may go to help someone in need etc.

      FELLOWSHIP VIA INTERNET CHATBOXES: click the CHAT box on the far
      right side at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jahchristian Sunday
      nights at 7 P.M. at Central Standard Time in USA. Or anytime if on
      AOL go to People>Find A Chat >click Created By AOL Members >Life then
      search for chats with titles same as or similar to JWs And Friends, exJWs,
      Jehovah, Jehovah or Jah Christians etc. If none are found you can form your own chat group/s. In fact if for any unexplained reason this Free Christians movement egroup-website (i.e. jahchristian) ceases operating go ahead and seek to re-contact each other find AOL chat, posting the Jehovahs-Witness.com website etc as needed.


      RECIPES for fun fellowship get-togethers: www.garvick.com; FREE BY EMAIL FROM US: Song Book; numerous Bible tracts-leaflets-brochures (ask for list) WORTHY CAUSES: read www.charitywatch.org, develop your own or support some already existing like collecting for a Food Bank, helping abuse children and animals, cleaning or beautifying communities ASSORTED CHURCH RESEARCH LINKS: Baptists-http://bn66.com/churches/baptist.html, LDS at http://www.exmormon.org/boards/w-agora/view.php3? also at http://www.mormonism-web.com SDA: http://www.truthorfables.com True Faith Jehovah's Witnesses at website http://the-true-jw.oltenia.ro/index.html (since 1962; said to be against blood transfusions in principle and doctrinally but quietly allowing it in emergencies.)

      JW/EX-JW ISSUES LINKS helps exiting JWs: www.brci.org; Watchtower
      Society's protecting molestors of JW children: www.silentlambs.org;
      deaths due to misinterpretations of scriptures on blood:

      JW/EX-JW NEWS ETC IN GENERAL://www.jwfiles.com/ www.freeminds.org,
      www.observer.org Brazil English language site with open letter on
      various topics www.http://orbita.starmedia.com/~openlettertowts

      EDUCATION ON ALL CULTS BY SURVIVORS! http://www.doomsdaycults.org

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jahchristian jahchristian at yahoo.com
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