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[Jagbits Hotline] JAGBITS Hotline - Friday, August 6th, 1999

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    _______________________________________________________________ J A G B I T S H O T L I N E The Internet s Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners
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      J A G B I T S H O T L I N E

      The Internet's Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners
      Friday, August 6th, 1999


      ______________________________S U B S C R I P T I O N I N F O

      This weekly email is sent to those who specifically request it, and
      also to those who subscribe to the "Vendors" list on Jagweb.Com (if you haven't been to
      Jagweb.com, go check it out!)

      To stop receiving this email, send a blank email message to:

      Or, you can respond to this message and type "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the message
      body. You will continue to receive these emails if you are still subscribed
      to the Vendors list on Jagweb.

      ___________________________________________W H O A R E W E ?

      JAGBITS.COM is the Net's premier Jaguar Superstore, providing original
      equipment and proven high-quality aftermarket parts for the Jaguar XJ6,
      XJ12 and XJS. It's the best commercial Jag site on the Web, and we take
      care of the best Jaguar owners on the web!

      ___________________________________________S P E C I A L A N N O U N C E M E N T S

      Been to our website lately? We just reduced prices on half of our inventory! One item
      was reduced by over $200!

      No credit card? No problem! We now take checks online! You don't even need a credit card
      to order from us, just a checking account. You can shop all you like, then you'll be
      taken to a special check processing page where you'll write an online check to us. It's

      FREE SHIPPING offer lowered to $250! That's right, if your order totals $250 or more we
      will usually ship your order for free. There are some restrictions of course, so check
      out the details at: http://www.jagbits.com/freeship.html

      ________________________________________ T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S

      1. Special Offers
      2. Clearance Parts
      3. TECHBITS - Technical Information
      4. Cool websites that I found **new section
      5. Bonus Section (blatant advertising really, but neat stuff nonetheless)
      6. Contact Information

      ________________________________________ 1 S P E C I A L O F F E R S

      ____________________________________ Prices good until
      ____________________________________ Thursday, August 12th.

      These parts are listed on our website in the "Weekly Specials" Section.
      (We sometimes have clearance items in this area too.)
      To get there, double-click on this: http://www.jagbits.com/specials.html

      A. SR6032 - Rebuilt Steering Rack, Fits 1983-1987 XJ6 and 1983-1991 XJS. List price is
      $420-500, your price is $245 until next Thursday. (Actually, dealer list is close to
      $1100!) There is a $100 core charge in addition to the purchase price that is refunded
      upon receipt of your old rack.

      B. SR6034 - Rebuilt Steering Rack, Fits 1988-1994 XJ6. List price is $420-500, your price
      is $245 until next Thursday. (Actually, dealer list is close to $2000!) There is a $100
      core charge in addition to the purchase price that is refunded upon receipt of your old

      C. JD2B - Cam Chain Tensioning Tool. Fits 1980-1987 XJ6. List price is $42, your price
      is $31 until next Thursday.

      D. CAC3653 - Power Steering High Pressure Hose, OEM. Fits 1979-1987 XJ6. List price is
      $134, your price is $79 until next Thursday. Aftermarket hoses tend to "squeal", so stick
      with OEM when you can.

      E. SA1771 - Piston and Liner Set, OEM. Fits 1971-1980 V12 engines (pre-HE) with 9:1
      compression ratio. Your price is $150 each until next Thursday.

      F. CAC6665 A/C hose, compressor to condensor, OEM. (This is the "high side" or "high
      pressure" A/C hose.) Fits 1979-1987 XJ6. List price is $186, your price is $79 until
      next Thursday.

      G. QWB708 - Rear Wheel Bearing Kit. Fits 1988-1995 XJ6. Each kit does one wheel hub.
      $29 each until next Thursday.

      H. EAC2912 - Cam Cover Gasket Set. Fits 1988-1994 XJ6 and any XJS with the 4.0 liter
      six-cylinder engine. List price is $39, your price is $29 until next Thursday. The kit
      includes the cam cover gasket, two half-moon rubber seals, and six spark plug seals.

      ________________________________________ 2. C L E A R A N C E P A R T S

      We have the following clearance parts listed on our weekly specials page:

      Fuel Pump, in-tank, for 1994 XJ6, from VIN 705894 to VIN 720189 $225
      Right front door handle, 1988-1989 XJ6 $15 (just the chrome piece that breaks)
      Piston set, .060 oversize, fits 4.2 liter XJ6 $350
      A/C Receiver/Dryer for 1980-1987 XJ6 and XJS with the horizontal dryer. $25
      A/C Expansion Valve for 1980-1987 XJ6. $19

      Go to http://www.jagbits.com/specials.html and get 'em before they are gone!

      ________________________________________ 3. T E C H B I T S

      Eliminating Brake Dust (by special request.)

      Doesn't brake dust make your car look shabby? There's a device called "Kleen Wheels" that
      prevents the dust from getting all over your wheels. It's a thin metal shield that bolts
      between your wheel and the brake rotor. To install them, just remove your wheel, slip
      the disk over your lugs, and put the wheel back on. No special tools or skills required.
      They are black, so they can't readily be seen through the holes in the wheels. Since
      Jags have a Chevy V8 bolt pattern, it's easy to get a set of Kleen Wheels that fit. A set
      of four of them is around $25 at most auto parts stores or through JC Whitney.

      ________________________________________ 4. C O O L W E B S I T E S!

      "Now and Zen" is a neat site I just ran across the other day. Lots of cool zen-enhancing
      stuff you can get online, like Zen Alarm Clocks and Zen Garden mouse pads. It's worth a
      look. Go to -> http://www.denver.net/~nowzen/

      Jagbits is an international business; we ship anywhere to anyone with a credit card
      (except Cuba.) Because of this, I frequently make use of a currency exchange rate
      converter. Need to know how many Bulgarian Levs there are in a Finnish Markka? This
      site will tell you: http://www.xe.net/ucc/

      ________________________________________ 5. B O N U S S E C T I O N

      Want to know how to make money from your website? (Without selling Jag parts?) This guy
      lays it all out for you. Cory Rudl has a huge course on internet marketing and retailing
      that's worth its weight in gold. Well, not gold, but it's certainly worth more than
      you'll pay for it. Plus, if you buy it, I get a commission! I bought the course and I can
      recommend it highly. They even give you a 10-year money back guarantee. Like it or you
      lose nothing. Go to http://www.marketingtips.com/t.cgi/29478/ and look it over. I bought
      some publications from this guy a few years ago, and I found that he really had his stuff
      together. Now he's wrapped up e-commerce for you in a (very big) nutshell.

      _________________________________________6. C O N T A C T &
      _________________________________________ O R D E R I N G

      Our 24-Hour online catalog with SSL-encrypted payment system is at:
      http://www.jagbits.com/ We just updated it to get rid of the frames, so
      now it works even better!

      We have a very secure, encrypted ordering system for safe credit card
      transactions, and no card is charged until an actual human reviews your

      Our email address is info@...

      Our toll-free fax line is 1-888-703-0381.
      Our international fax number is: 1-303-727-7675

      Have a great (and safe) weekend. I'll be under the hood of my XJS :-(
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