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- Friday, December 20th, 2002

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  • Greg Price
    ______________________________________________________ J A G B I T S H O T L I N E The Internet s Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2002

      J A G B I T S H O T L I N E

      The Internet's Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners

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      take care of it.)


      W H O A R E W E ?

      JAGBITS.COM is the net's premier Jaguar Superstore, providing
      original equipment and proven high-quality aftermarket parts for the
      Jaguar XJ6, XJ12 and XJS. It's the best commercial Jag site on the
      Web, and we take care of the best Jaguar owners on the web!

      Did you know that Jagbits was the first Jaguar parts distributor EVER
      to offer secure online purchasing of Jaguar parts? It's true! We've
      been at it since 1996!

      IMPORTANT: We never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute ANY
      information we collect, either from this emailed flyer or from any
      orders processed through us. Never.


      T A B L E O F
      C O N T E N T S

      1. Special Notices
      2. Special Offers
      3. Clearance Parts
      4. TECHBITS - Technical Information
      5. Cool websites that I found
      6. Contact Information
      7. Contest!


      1. S P E C I A L
      N O T I C E S

      Sorry, I didn't get a "Hotline" out last week. Too hectic!

      If you'd like your British/Jaguar car club meetings or websites
      featured in the Jagbits Hotline, let us know!

      If you have a website, we'd really appreciate it if you would put up
      a link to Jagbits.Com. In return, we're more than happy to link back
      to your site.


      2. S P E C I A L
      O F F E R S

      Christmas Blowout!!!

      From Friday, December 20th, until Thursday, December 26th: EVERY PART
      LISTED EVERYWHERE ON THIS WEBSITE has been reduced!!! That’s right,
      bloomin’ freakin’ thing on our website is on sale. Absolutely NOTHING
      left at its original price. Just find what you want in the online
      and order it. The sale price has already been calculated and posted
      to the part. This is a once a year special, and you won't see it
      until next Christmas. NOW is the time to stock up on all those
      parts and supplies you are going to need for your winter restoration

      Go crazy!


      3. C L E A R A N C E
      P A R T S

      To order any of these parts, go to:
      http://www.jagbits.com/specials.html and get 'em before they are
      gone! Clearance items are shipped separately from regular parts, so
      additional shipping charges may apply.

      No clearance parts this week.


      4. T E C H B I T S

      This week's Techbit: CD Changer in the Trunk, 1988-1994 XJ6:

      This one was submitted by George Bryson:

      I read with interest the article on the after market CD changer vice
      the factory installed one. The CHM-S655RF CD changer will work with
      any radio as it is an RF link ie through antenna on an FM frequency.

      I installed an Alpine CHM-S630 which connects directly to the CD
      Changer connector in the boot an is controlled via the factory
      installed radios CD selector. This is a reasonable solution as it
      costs approximately $250 and works as the factory installed one

      --- George Bryson

      Thanks George!


      5. C O O L W E B
      S I T E S!

      "Cool web sites" is my way of letting you know about interesting
      sites that I trip over during the week. We have no affiliation with
      them, I just think they're cool!

      This week's site: 404 Research Lab

      The best 404 Not Found errors on the web, researched and categorized
      for your surfing enjoyment. Add yours!


      6. C O N T A C T &
      O R D E R I N G


      Our 24-Hour online catalog with SSL-encrypted payment system is at:

      Our email address is info@...

      Our toll-free fax number is: 1-866-228-3208

      Our international fax number is: 1-208-979-1042


      7. C O N T E S T !

      This contest is open to any Hotline subscriber in North America. If
      you win, you aren't eligible to win for two more weeks. No purchase
      necessary to enter or win. Heck, you don't even have to own a car!
      (But you do have to be a Hotline subscriber.)

      Last week's question was: Who was the last U.S. President to hold the
      office without being elected President or Vice President?

      The answer was: Gerald Ford. Congratulations Chuck Jackson!

      This week's question: With over 170,000, what country has the most
      islands within its sovereign territory?

      Go to: http://www.jagbits.com/contest.html to answer this week's
      question. The winner will be randomly selected from all correct
      entries. Multiple entries will be deleted before the winner is
      selected, so don't stuff the ballot box.


      Have a safe weekend everyone, and if you have any questions, comments
      or suggestions about how Jagbits can better serve you, please let us
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