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- Friday, December 21st, 2001

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  • gprice@jagbits.com
    ____________________________________________________________ J A G B I T S H O T L I N E The Internet s Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2001

      J A G B I T S H O T L I N E

      The Internet's Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners

      ________________________________________W H O A R E W E ?

      JAGBITS.COM is the net's premier Jaguar Superstore, providing original

      equipment and proven highquality aftermarket parts for the Jaguar XJ6,
      XJ12 and XJS. It's the best commercial Jag site on the Web, and we take
      care of the best Jaguar owners on the web!

      Did you know that Jagbits was the first Jaguar parts distributor EVER to
      offer secure online purchasing of Jaguar parts? It's true! We've been at
      it since 1996!

      IMPORTANT: We never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute ANY information we
      collect, either from this emailed flyer or from any orders processed
      through us. Never.

      ________________________________________ T A B L E O F
      ________________________________________ C O N T E N T S

      1. Website Update
      2. Special Offers
      3. Clearance Parts
      4. TECHBITS  Technical Information
      5. Cool websites that I found
      6. Contact Information
      7. Contest!

      ________________________________________ 1. S P E C I A L
      ________________________________________ N O T I C E S

      If you'd like your British/Jaguar car club meetings or websites featured in
      the Jagbits Hotline, let us know!

      If you have a website, we'd really appreciate it if you would put up a link to
      Jagbits.Com. In return, we're more than happy to link back to your site.

      ________________________________________ 2. S P E C I A L
      ________________________________________ O F F E R S

      __________________________________ Prices good until
      __________________________________ next Thursday.

      OK, here are the Christmas specials that I promised:

      From Friday, December 21st, until Thursday, December 27th: EVERY PART LISTED
      EVERYWHERE ON THIS WEBSITE has been reduced!!! That’s right, every bloomin’
      freakin’ thing on our website is on sale. Absolutely NOTHING is left at its
      original price. Just find what you want in the online catalog and order it. The
      sale price has already been calculated and posted next to the part. This is a
      onceperyear special, and you won't see it again until next Christmas. NOW is
      the time to stock up on all those important parts and supplies you are going to
      need for your winter restoration projects!

      Go crazy!

      _____________________________________ 3. C L E A R A N C E
      _____________________________________ P A R T S

      To order any of these parts, go to:
      http://www.jagbits.com/specials.html and get 'em before
      they are gone! Clearance items are shipped separately from
      regular parts, so additional shipping charges will apply.

      JLM10613  SEAL KIT, FRONT CRANKSHAFT, FITS 19801992 V12 ENGINES. List price
      is $59, your price is $38.00.

      REBUILT. List price is $329, your price is $260.00.

      _______________________________________ 4. T E C H B I T S

      This week's Techbit is: Oil drain plug washer

      There is a copper washer on your engine’s oil drain plug. This copper washer
      gets mashed into place when the drain plug is tightened, sealing the drain plug
      against the oil pan. Once it’s mashed into place once, it gets “work hardened.”
      Once it gets hard, it will be difficult to get it to seal again. Sometimes
      people try to compensate by overtightening the drain plug. BAD IDEA! The steel
      threads on the drain plug will strip the aluminum threads on the oil pan. Don’t
      force it, just get a package of new washers and change the washer every time
      you drain the oil. They’re cheap.

      ________________________________________ 5. C O O L W E B
      ________________________________________ S I T E S!

      "Cool web sites" is my way of letting you know about interesting sites that I
      trip over during the week. We have no affiliation with them, I just think
      they're cool! This week's site:

      World of Feng Shui
      { GOTOBUTTON BM_1_ http://www.worldoffengshui.com/}

      The first fully online Feng Shui magazine. Articles, how-tos, shopping advice,
      you name it, it’s here.

      _______________________________________ 6. C O N T A C T &
      _______________________________________ O R D E R I N G

      Our 24Hour online catalog with SSLencrypted payment system is at:

      Our email address is info@...

      Our tollfree fax number is: 18662283208

      Our international fax number is: 12089791042

      _______________________________________ 7. C O N T E S T !

      Contest is open to any Hotline subscriber in North America. If you win, you
      aren't eligible to win for two more weeks.

      Last week's question was: Who was the first woman to play golf at St. Andrews
      in Scotland?

      The answer: Mary, Queen of Scots.

      Congratulations David Culgan, who was randomly selected from all correct

      There is no contest this week. Enjoy your holiday!

      Have a safe weekend everyone!
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