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- Friday, June 15th, 2001

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  • gprice@jagbits.com
    ____________________________________________________________ J A G B I T S H O T L I N E The Internet s Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2001

      J A G B I T S H O T L I N E

      The Internet's Leading Resource for Jaguar Owners

      ________________________________________W H O A R E W E ?

      JAGBITS.COM is the net's premier Jaguar Superstore, providing original
      equipment and proven high-quality aftermarket parts for the Jaguar XJ6,
      XJ12 and XJS. It's the best commercial Jag site on the Web, and we take
      care of the best Jaguar owners on the web!

      Did you know that Jagbits was the first Jaguar parts distributor EVER to
      offer secure online purchasing of Jaguar parts? It's true! We've been at
      it since 1996!

      IMPORTANT: We never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute ANY information we
      collect, either from this emailed flyer or from any orders processed
      through us. Never.

      ________________________________________ T A B L E O F
      ________________________________________ C O N T E N T S

      1. Website Update
      2. Special Offers
      3. Clearance Parts
      4. TECHBITS - Technical Information
      5. Cool websites that I found
      6. Contact Information
      7. Contest!

      ________________________________________ 1. S P E C I A L
      ________________________________________ N O T I C E S

      All of our Repair CD ROMs have been sold, but we are expecting more soon. If
      you’d like to get on a notification list, just send us an email and we’ll put
      you on the notification list. We’ll send out a notification email as soon as
      they are available.

      If you have a website, we’d really appreciate it if you would put up a link to
      Jagbits.Com. In return, we’re more than happy to link back to your site.

      If you’d like your site featured in our Links section, let us know!

      ________________________________________ 2. S P E C I A L
      ________________________________________ O F F E R S

      __________________________________ Prices good until
      __________________________________ next Thursday.

      These parts are listed on our website in the "Weekly Specials" Section.
      (We have clearance items in this area too.)

      C45402/X  A/C AMPLIFIER, FITS 19801987 XJ6. List price is $383, your price is
      $237.26 until next Thursday.

      DRYER. List price is $64, your price is $28.86 until next Thursday.

      CAR USES FOUR). List price is $20, your price is $14.11 until next Thursday.

      NBC2215AA/X  FAN CLUTCH, FITS 19821994 XJ6 AND 19821996 XJS WITH FOURBOLT
      FAN CLUTCH. List price is $109, your price is $64.13 until next Thursday.

      C38009  RADIATOR FAN MOTOR, ELECTRIC, FITS 19801992 V12 XJS. List price is
      $425, your price is $207.77 until next Thursday.

      C44010  TAPPET BUCKET, FITS 19791987 XJ6 (CAM FOLLOWER). List price is $20,
      your price is $8.65 until next Thursday.

      DBC1917  WIPER BLADE, FITS 198892 UP TO VIN 657729. List price is $15, your
      price is $10.39 until next Thursday.

      Availability may be limited, and the sale price is good for stock on hand only.
      When they are gone, they are gone!

      TO ORDER any of these parts, double-click on this:

      _____________________________________ 3. C L E A R A N C E
      _____________________________________ P A R T S

      To order any of these parts, go to:
      http://www.jagbits.com/specials.html and get 'em before
      they are gone! Clearance items are shipped separately from
      regular parts, so additional shipping charges will apply.

      1993 (MARELLI IGNITION). List price is $253, your price is $150.00.

      _______________________________________ 4. T E C H B I T S

      This week's Techbit is: Auxiliary cooling fan, V12 cars

      The V12-equipped cars have a large engine-driven radiator fan, plus an electric
      auxiliary cooling fan that kicks in when the engine temp rises high enough. If
      the electric fan isn’t operating properly, the engine can run hot. One more
      thing to check when overheating!

      ________________________________________ 5. C O O L W E B
      ________________________________________ S I T E S!

      "Cool web sites" is my way of letting you know about interesting sites that I
      trip over during the week. We have no affiliation with them, I just think
      they're cool! This week’s site:

      Ladybugs - a gardener’s best friend and the Tyranosaurus Rex of the Insect

      The most common of all beneficial insects, these voracious predators feed on
      aphids, adelgids, chinch bugs, asparagus beetle larvae, thrips, alfalfa
      weevils, bean thrips, grape root worms, Colorado potato beetle larvae,
      whitefly, and mites, as well as many other softbodied insects and eggs. Pest
      control without chemicals!

      _______________________________________ 6. C O N T A C T &
      _______________________________________ O R D E R I N G

      Our 24-Hour online catalog with SSL-encrypted payment system is at:

      Our email address is info@...

      Our toll-free fax line is 1-888-703-0381.

      Our international fax number is: 1-303-727-7675

      _______________________________________ 7. C O N T E S T !

      This special edition of the Jagbits Hotline is sent only to Hotline
      subscribers, not to the "Vendors" subscribers. Contest is open to any Hotline
      subscriber in North America. If you win, you aren't eligible to win for two
      more weeks.

      Last week's question was: Where can you watch a play where the stage is in
      Canada but the audience sits in the United States?

      The answer was: Haskell Free Library and Opera House, on the Vermont/Quebec

      Congratulations, Chris Head, who was randomly selected from all correct entries!

      This week’s question is: What is the name of the only asteroid visible to the
      unaided eye?

      Go to: http://www.jagbits.com/contest.html to answer this week's question. The
      winner will be randomly selected from all correct entries.

      This week's winner gets a Jaguar Formula One Banner!

      Have a safe weekend everyone!
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