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  • The only place to obtain a death certificate for someone who died in Jackson County is via the Jackson County Health Department, 204 Liberty Lane, Scottsboro, Alabama 35768. Their phone number is 256-259-4161. The Jackson County Probate Judge's office has not kept death certificates in about 70 years. Ann B. Chambless
    rabc123 rabc123 Sep 29
  • Does anyone have a photograph of Colonel John H. Norwood who served in the 55th Alabama Regiment during the Civil War? Do you know of any published book or document that contains John H. Norwood's photo? He was Jackson County Sheriff from 1852-1855. He was Jackson County Probate Judge from 1856 until 1861 when he resigned to enter the Confederate Army. He served in the Alabama...
    Ann Apr 15
  • I can think of four reasons man families emigrated to Texas and Arkansas from North Alabama (especially Jackson County) in the mid-1800s. 1. With the advent of large families on family farms, the original acreage was not sufficient to divide between 3 to 12 children. 2. Land was cheap and plentiful in the early days of Statehood in Arkansas and Texas. 3. By 1857, a family could...
    Ann Apr 8
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  • I have checked the Pierce and Parks families who came to Jackson County and would have been the right age to have a daughter named Eliza born 1810 or 1811, but did not find your Eliza in the Pierce and Parks families. John Parks did have a daughter named Eliza who married Richard Lawrence Kirby. That Eliza Parks Kirby is buried in the Kirby Cemetery in Jackson County. Via Ancestry...
    Ann Apr 8
  • According to more than one James Smith descendant, he was the son of William Smith who was born March 19, 1743, in Richmond County, Virginia, and died February 4, 1836, in Allegheny County, Virginia, and Mary Ann (Wright) Smith, born in 1759 or 1760 in Botetourt County, Virginia, and died October 6, 1858, in Virginia. William Smith (1743-1836) was the son of David Smith , born...
    Ann Mar 27
  • I checked the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Jackson County censuses and there is no one listed by the name of Eliza Kelly. The 1880 census shows an Eliza Kelly, born 1852, married to Francis Marion Kelly. A check of this couple on Ancestry.com shows that he died in 1922 in Lemoore Kings, California, and Eliza Kelly died in 1923 in Lemoore Kings, California. Ann B. Chambless
    Ann Mar 26
  • JAMES ADDISON GRAHAM, was born October 19, 1851, and died on March 19, 1924. He is buried in the Clay Cemetery in Princeton, Alabama. James Addison Graham married a neighbor, Leah Frances Alspaugh. James Addison Graham was the son of Milton Fortenberry Graham and Milly Jane (Swaim) Graham. Milton Fortenberry Graham was born in Kentucky in 1824 and was still alive at the time of...
    Ann Feb 23
  • January 1 is the time to renew membership in the Jackson County Historical Association. Thank you for your support! Ann B. Chambless .
    Ann Jan 17
  • Robert Hays, born October 12, 1866, died March 2, 1877, and Elijah Finney who died in 1879 are the earliest burials in the Finney Cemetery with inscribed markers. This cemetery is also the burial site of a number of Winn, Porter, Hays/Hayes, Rice, and Hollis family members who all lived in what was once known as the Temperance Hill area. The original Oak Grove Methodist Church was...
    Ann Jan 1
  • I am considered an "oldtimer" and this has been called the Finney Cemetery as long as I can remember. I have Hollis ancestors buried there. My great-grandfather's sister, Mae Hollis, married Richard (Dick) Hayes. Ann B. Chambless .
    Ann Dec 31, 2014