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    Dear Mr. Glass,My name is Glenn Rorex and I am writing to give a little background on the clean up of the Old Baptist Cemetery (Bolivar Cemetery). It is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2007
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      Dear Mr. Glass,My name is Glenn Rorex and I am
      writing to give a little background on the clean up of
      the Old Baptist Cemetery (Bolivar Cemetery). It is
      located on county road 69 just off hiway 72 between
      Bridgeport and Stevenson. We have family buried
      there. Robert Cloud and Harry Cloud use to clean the
      Cloud graves. After they was no longer able to Ted
      Cloud Sr. took it over. After Ted Cloud was killed in
      1999 I took it over. At least half if not more of the
      graveyard was completely growed up. We started looking
      thru the mess and found graves of other family members
      besides the Clouds. so that is how it started..
      Everytime we cleaned off some we found more graves of
      people we didnt know. But where do you stop. So we
      kept going. Lots of graves with names and lots with
      only rock markers was found and more without any
      markers at all. . We figure most was of familys that
      had died out or moved off and nobody was around to
      clean. So like I said we kept going. Most was axe and
      slangblade work and lot of brush pile burning. Fred
      Cagle used his bush hog on some of it for us which was
      done for free. This went on for the first year before
      it was finally mowable. In 2003 John Blizzard
      donated 2 truck loads of dirt to fill in holes and
      sunken graves. The boy scount troop from Bridgeport
      and other towns around volunteered a full day of hard
      work in June of 2003 to move the dirt and fill in the
      holes. The graveyard now gets mowed once a month from
      May thru October. Its a all day job to get it all
      mowed and weedeated. Granted it does not look like the
      yard at someones house when finished but it does keep
      it from growing up and people can see to walk and
      visit graves. There are a few that mow their own and
      do a much better job than i do. Toneys, Kirks and
      Wilsons come to mind right off. You have ran a free ad
      in your paper from time to time asking for donations.
      We even opened a bank account 2 years ago thinking
      that might help. I am closing the bank account out. It
      has not been used but twice and cost more to have it
      than it has brought in. I will leave the sign up at
      the graveyard with a e-mail address if anybody wants
      to contact me. Its oldbaptistcemetery@... I said
      all that to say this. What i do i do for personal
      reasons. I do not do it for pay. Be hard to expect pay
      for a job i was not hired to do. But since 1999 i have
      received almost 500.00 in donations. That is far less
      than has been spent on mower repair and gas. I do
      appreciate what has been sent and donations or not I
      will keep on doing what i can as long as i can.
      Anybody that wants to help or donate can send to Glenn
      Rorex, 717 Aldhouse Ave., Bridgeport, Alabama, 35740.
      The only other request i have is that when people put
      new flowers on their graves to please take the old
      ones with them and not just pile up for me to have to
      pick up. Thanks, J.G. Rorex
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