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Re: [jacksongenealogy] SMITH/GASS

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  • joy0420@charter.net
    Italy, Sicily, Iceland??? Wow, girl, when you say move you mean it! hahaha. Little by little I m getting back into genealogy, so I ll take what you just sent
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 10, 2006
      Italy, Sicily, Iceland??? Wow, girl, when you say move you mean it! hahaha. Little by little I'm getting back into genealogy, so I'll take what you just sent on LAJ Steel in prison and see. You said there is a stone for another Steel where he is supposed to be, but could he be beside that in an unmarked? Families used to mark out large burial plots, as you know, so it's possible.
      Anyhoo, take care. It's so great to hear from you.
      Oh yea, my surgeon (he's Armenian, and his dau has FMF) finally said, after 3+ yrs of observing me, that he is convinced now I do have FMF. He said he first watched to see if I was a drug seeker, if my labs always substantiated my claims of chills/fever etc, and that my flares were consistently the same. Well duh! Doesn't make me feel any better EXCEPT that I can now put a name on what hits me out of the blue. I would love to have the time & resources to track thru the Warren line to see if there are any more like us.

      ---- William Swiderski <msbs05@...> wrote:
      > I was hoping for connection. The Smiths are hard to track. I have been in Franklin County, TN a little working on Logan line, but mostly just at library in Chattanooga doing death cert look ups for Morris and Steel lines in Franklin. I'm working on a file of all the families with same name to try and find connections and weed through them. They are a bit like Smiths to research. I need to go to Scottsboro soon though to do some Tidwell and Steel research. Still haven't managed to find a death cert or death date on Levi Andrew Jackson Steel who died in an Alabama prison somewhere in late 1930's or early 1940s. He has been so incredibly frustrating. I only recently learned he was also a Levi, which helped me find him on another census, but his death is completely eluding me. Even more frustrating is another Steel is buried where the book states he should be and there is no marker. I'm sorta panicking to figure this out because hubby will be getting orders in next month or 2 !
      > d we will be moving. He is asking for Naples Italy, Sicily , and Iceland. They will of course send him where ever they want, but I'm sure it won't be close enough to do any research, so I'll have to put it aside for about 6 more yrs. Anyway, glad to hear your better and thanks for looking through the Smiths for a match. Tell sis hello for me.
      > Michaele
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