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  • Jackson Cty Historical Association
    Since there have been questions about the Jackson County Historical Association s quarterly publication, I will attempt to define our mission. THE JACKSON
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2000
      Since there have been questions about the Jackson County Historical
      Association's quarterly publication, I will attempt to define our mission.
      THE JACKSON COUNTY CHRONICLES have been published in January, April, July,
      and October since 1977. I was the founding editor and have edited the
      publication for 20 of the past 23 years. Our subject matter deals with
      historical landmarks and events with a good sampling of Jackson County
      people thrown in for good measure.
      As editor, I have always attempted to research, compile, edit, and print
      subject matter which has NOT been subject to wide-spread dissemination. For
      example, we do not print essays or facts
      directly from books and other quarterlies found in public libraries.
      Examples of past subject material include:
      1. 1866 Special Alabama Census for Jackson County by township and range
      2. Jackson County's earliest extant Civil Register (found in Alabama
      Department of Archives and History in Montgomery) with a brief statement
      about each man (when info was known.)
      3. Roster of Florida Indian War veterans
      4. Rosters of several Jackson County units which served in the Civil War
      5. Roster of Home Guard unit from Paint Rock Valley area who served during
      the Civil War
      6. Names taken from various old store ledgers from areas including Paint
      Rock Valley, Scottsboro, and Bridgeport
      7. Many, many essays written by Dr. David Campbell and Ann B. Chambless
      based on extensive research of all facets of Jackson County's rich and
      varied history.
      8. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to have guest writers who have
      researched a specific area/event or have personal knowledge they are willing
      to share about people and their contribution to Jackson County's culture.
      The October edition included an essay entitled: "Another Civil War
      Casualty or Neighbor Against Neighbor" which told the story of the murder of
      old Joseph Sanders during the Civil War (included a list of Joseph Sanders'
      children by two wives); an update on the restoration of the Henry and
      Catherine (Branner) Derrick Cemetery near old Woodville (included a list of
      Henry Derrick's children); and Captain William A. (Billy) McMahan's obituary
      written in 1933 by the late Parker W. Campbell (longtime editor of the
      Sentinel and Progressive Age and famous for his poignant obits). The obit
      of W. A. McMahan was chosen for the October edition since Mr. McMahan (of
      Stevenson) worked for 47 years for the Southern Railroad and the JCHA's
      October meeting will
      be held on the 29th at the Bridgeport DEPOT Museum in Bridgeport, Alabama.
      The JCHA welcomes new members! We presently have 200 plus out-of-state
      members who seem to enjoy their JACKSON COUNTY CHRONICLES each quarter.
      Membership dues are $10.00 annually or $100.00 for life membership. If you
      are interested, mail your check made payable to the Jackson County
      Historical Association to JCHA Treasurer, P. O. Box 1494, Scottsboro, AL
      35768. Please be sure to include your nine number zip code, as the JCHA
      has a non-profit mailing status, and all mailing addresses must be 100 per
      cent correct for USPO delivery.
      The JCHA's fiscal year runs January through December. As a new member,
      your first issue would reach you between the middle and latter part of
      January 2001.
      Ann B. Chambless, Editor
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