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  • K E McNamara
    Thank you Ann for your great kindness in providing me with this information. I am very appreciative. -Kate Ann B. Chambless wrote:
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      Thank you Ann for your great kindness in providing me with this information. I am very appreciative.

      "Ann B. Chambless" <rabc123@...> wrote:
      SOURCE: Eliza Mae Woodall's THE STEVENSON STORY, pages 71 and 72:
      In 1851, David Cawlfield applied for Bounty Land for his service in Seminole
      Indian War. Cawfield stated he was 48 years old in 1851 and declared:
      "He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Service of the United States and
      commanded a Battalion of Jackson County Volunteers. He was mustered into
      service on Sept 8, 1836, at Claysville, AL, and was mustered for discharge
      on Sept 11, 1837, at Bellefonte, AL."
      Mrs. Woodall also stated:
      "Bounty Land Warrant 14167 for 160 acres was issued to David for his
      service. David Cawlfield was first married to Mary Ish who died eight
      months later; this was in 1834. After his Florida War service he married
      Orlena Copeland. They went to Texas, settled near Ft. Gates, later
      Gatesville, in Coryell County. David died there on March 17, 1886. On Aug
      16, 1893, Orlena applied for a Widow's Pension under the Act of July 27,
      1892. She stated David was born in Bedford County, TN, and was a merchant
      before the Seminole campaign. She was approved for a pension of $8 per
      month. Orlena died near the close of 1902."
      The 1850 Jackson County, AL census shows David Cawlfield, age 45, a farmer
      with Paulina Copland, age 35, in his household. Also listed were Laura or
      Luisa (census film difficult to read), age 7, and William, age 1. Since
      these children are listed under Paulina Copland (Copeland), it appears their
      last name was also Copland/Copeland. David's neighbors were all men known
      to have purchased land in the Long Island area just east of Bridgeport, AL.
      In 1852, David was married by T. Boyd Foster, Justice of the Peace, who
      lived a short distance southeast of Stevenson, AL. I have often wondered
      if Paulina Copland in the 1850 census was the same as the Orlena Copeland
      recorded on David Cawlfield's marriage bond. Census takers were famous for
      spelling names as they heard them or interpreted their pronunciation. I
      have never seen the name Paulina Copland/Copeland in any Jackson County
      record other than the 1850 census. The only other Copeland female recorded
      in Jackson County marriages between 1851 and 1871 was the Elizabeth A.
      Copeland who married James Edwards on Nov 19, 1852, by Andrew McCoy who also
      lived in the Stevenson, AL area.

      Ann B. Chambless


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