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Re: Welcome to jacksongenealogy UPDATED and INFO for Everyone

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  • clay gullatt
    This is the updated version of the jacksongenealogy invitation. It contains much new info so I thought everyone would like to see it. You are invited to join
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2005
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      This is the updated version of the
      jacksongenealogy invitation. It contains much new
      info so I thought everyone would like to see it.

      You are invited to join jacksongenealogy a group
      of over 300 people researching their roots in
      Jackson County AL. When posting please be as
      complete as possible, Who, When, What Event,
      Where, however do not post the actual birth dates
      of living persons, year only.

      Please change the Subject line of the message
      when you are posting on a new subject. List names
      on the Subject line in CAPS. Listing what
      Surnames you are researching at the bottom of
      your message would be helpful.

      Visit the Group Home Site(edit membership at the
      top)to set how you receive messages and list your
      profile. It would be nice to know what town and
      state you live in if nothing else, we have
      members from all over the country.

      Address messages to

      To unsubscribe send a blank message to
      jacksongenealogy-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com or
      to the Moderator. All members will be able to
      read your messages. All messages are archived.
      There is a lot of useful info in the archives and
      just may be that long lost ancestor.

      Visit the ALGENWEB Jackson County Website and
      jacksoncountyal.com site for additional info
      about Jackson County including the address and
      phone numbers of the Probate Court in Scottsboro
      and what they have available. Copies of marriage
      certificates and other documents may be ordered
      from them at a cost of $1.00 per page and a SASE.
      They would like payment with the request. There
      is a link to old maps of Jackson County.

      Visit the Group Home Site LINKS to download the
      Guntersville Flooded Cemetery and Jackson County
      Mega Cemetery Files. Also there are links to the
      Madison Co. MS Ter. 1809 Census and 1810 Tax
      List. There are many familiar Jackson County
      names on the list. There is a Township and Range
      Map of Jackson County there. Charlie McCutchen
      has been adding new links as we find them. In the
      future after we get the microfilm of the 1866
      Special Census and have it transcribed and proof
      read it will be posted there as well as at the
      ALGENWEB Jackson County site.

      Many of your questions will be answered by
      exploring each link listed at the ALGENWEB
      Jackson County website and the Group Home
      website. Links to marriages, cemeteries, the 1830
      and 1860 census images and an index of the 1850
      census are listed at one or the other site.

      Census lookups are usually answered within a day
      or two by someone in the group.

      Our Group is for researching our ancestors and
      their history in Jackson County not for the
      politics and religion of today. The fact that
      your ancestor was a politican or minister of a
      church and what church position or political
      office held is of interest but not what his
      politics or views where. There are other websites
      for that.

      The info from both this Group and the ALGENWEB
      Jackson County are free.

      Welcome to jacksongenealogy from our Group
      Founder and Owner Richard Matthews and myself.

      Clay Gullatt
      Mount Airy NC
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