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RE: [jacksongenealogy] Memories

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  • Regina
    Buck Sanders was the father of Larry and Benford SANDERS. His wife was Pearl. We picked cotton for them years ago. Regina ... From:
    Message 1 of 41 , May 2, 2005
      Buck Sanders was the father of Larry and Benford SANDERS. His wife was
      Pearl. We picked cotton for them years ago.

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      The Hollywood teacher, Mrs. Lena Mae Sanders' husband did drive a bus at
      Hollywood, but his name was Milton and I don't remember anyone calling him
      Buck or him driving at Fackler.

      Dennis R. Sanders
      Norfolk Southern Police Department

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      There was a man by the name of Buck Sanders which drove the bus when I
      started school in Fackler. Is Buck and Judson the same man, or if memory
      serves Buck was the husband of Mrs Sanders?
      Thanks for mentioning Gibson's Rolling Store. I had forgotten about it. I
      rember how sad we were when the rolling store stopped making rounds.

      --- "Sanders, Dennis R." <Dennis.Sanders@...>

      > Hollywood: Mrs. Lena Mae Sanders' maiden name was Phillips. Her
      > brother, Judson, was a Baptist preacher. Her son is Robert Lee
      > Sanders. He still lives on their home place. The Phillips farm is
      > next door. They're on the road to the unfinished Nuclear Plant.
      > Fackler: The driver of the bus crash was also Beavers. One of the
      > victims was his nephew, I think. I remember Lloyd and Floyd Beavers,
      > twin brothers, but I don't remember their relation to these school bus
      > Beavers. I also have fond memories of the Mutt McGuffey and Wilson
      > stores. Charles Wilson still runs a truck stop & convenient store at
      > the Fackler Road/Hwy. 72 intersection.
      > Mud Creek: I worked many jobs every summer (mostly free labor farmed
      > out to someone by dad as a favor or payback for their children helping
      > him, etc.) but one job was on the last Rolling Store that I remember.
      > I'm having a senior moment and can't remember the husband & wife's
      > first names but Gibson's store was right across the road from Mud
      > Creek B-B-Que and marina.
      > Mr. Gibson would take eggs, etc., as payment or would pay cash for
      > farm crops. He would then sell them to people that would meet him on
      > the side of the road. We would just stop in the road while customers
      > read him their
      > list of wants.
      > Stevenson: Raymond Carter, school bus driver, used to let a couple of
      > us guys, that he liked, who road the 1st bus, ride with him on the
      > second bus route sometimes. Before we picked up anyone, he would let
      > us chew and smoke. Also, if everyone was good on his bus, he would
      > sometimes stop at my dad's service station or the other station on his
      > route, and let everyone get off and buy coke/candy (nickel each) and
      > eat it on the bus. He would buy some and dad would give him some to
      > give those who didn't buy anything.
      > He would clean everything up but everyone was careful not to make too
      > bad a mess. Everyone loved Mr. Carter. They would fire him now.
      > I'm done now.
      > Dennis Sanders
      > Union, Ky.
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      > I remember Mrs. Phillips well. Johnny McCrary, WA Haswell and myself
      > used to chew tobacco in her class.
      > We would make a paper hat which we used as a spittoon, we made several
      > trips to to waste basket after spitting in them a couple of times and
      > Mrs. Phillips nor any of the other students knew what we were doing.
      > Wasn't Mrs. Vera Maude Holder the sister to Mrs.
      > Sanders? There was also Mr. Tubbs and a dark haired lady who taught
      > PE. She was always singing "Down Town". Do you remember her name?
      > My most vivid memories were when Govonor Wallace made a trip to our
      > school. He announced I believe that the text books would be free to
      > all students. I was so relieved, being from a large family of 11
      > children I no longer had to fear having to quit school.
      > The next memory is when the schools were integrated.
      > We only had one black student in our class. He was so quiet. I felt
      > so sorry for him. I knew how I would feel if I were him.
      > There was also a teacher by the name Townsend which I married Mr
      > Burrough,the principal, after Red Thomas left. Help me remember...was
      > there a Mr and Mrs Townsend?? Mrs Townsend may not have married Mr
      > Burrough. She was the first pregnant lady I remember and she was
      > working!!
      > Reading about all the memories prompted me to take a trip to Rorex
      > Hollow yesterday. It was about a mile hike around the mountain, but
      > we found the the place where we used to live. It was all grown up and
      > nothing left but the broken chimmney and the rocks of the foundation.
      > This was where we lived when my older brother started school. He got
      > new clothes and I could hardley wait until I stated school so I could
      > get some new clothes. I got a new dress to wear the first day, but it
      > didn't come from a store it was made from a feed sack!! I still loved
      > it though because it had pockets on it.
      > I started school at Fackler and later moved to Hollywood. I remember
      > the train-bus accident in Fackler which claimed 4 lives, and
      > hospitalized several others.
      > There were Corbetts, Beavers, and McCray children involved.
      > Who could forget going to Mutt McGuffey's store, or the large cow bell
      > the teacher rang when recess was over, playing jump rope and sea
      > sawing, or chewing bubble gum to see who could blow the biggest
      > bubble?
      > Ah....to be a kid again!!! Everything is so different for our
      > grandchildren with all the technology. I often wonder what their
      > memories will be like. Its hard to believe theirs will be as good as
      > ours seemed to be. I wouldn't take a million dollars for my memories.

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