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  • Sanders, Dennis R.
    Regina: The Hollywood teacher, Mrs. Sanders, was my aunt Lena Mae (Her husband, Milton, drove a bus for years as well as farming. If I remember correctly,
    Message 1 of 41 , May 2, 2005
      Regina: The Hollywood teacher, Mrs. Sanders, was my aunt Lena Mae (Her
      husband, Milton, drove a bus for years as well as farming.

      If I remember correctly, knives were banned, not because anyone stabbed
      someone (to grab any weapon during a fight was to declare yourself a coward)
      but because we boys like to carve our names, along with other things, in

      I do remember playing marbles but we were not supposed to play keepsees. If
      we got caught, we had to give our captured marbles back to their original
      owners. It usually didn't come to authorities' attention until you got
      someone's favorite shooter.

      I do not remember shows requiring pay at Hollywood or Stevenson. Probably
      means I did not see them. I was with you in the study hall, I guess. I do
      remember donkey basketball. When I was in High School, Stevenson, I made a
      terrible mistake in agreeing to ride one. I spent my night on my back (hurt
      and humiliated) to the delight of everyone that I was working very hard to

      I do remember traveling tent roller skate rink that came to Scottsboro about
      once a year and traveling circus and rodeos that set up in our pasture
      behind dad's (Raymond Sanders) service station on Hwy. 72, just N. of
      Fackler Road. A lot of people got hurt volunteering to participate in rodeo
      competition. Of course, there were no law suits. Winners got a little
      money, but I don't remember how much. One circus had a bear that would
      drink cokes that dad would sell you. Some teenagers got the idea to mix
      homemade liquor (homebrew) with the coke. Bear would drink it and got
      falling down drunk. The owner did not appreciate the humor. Farmers filled
      dad's service station anytime they were rained out of the fields or were
      caught up and bluegrass and gospel jam sessions abounded, along with rise
      and fly rook games. We had 2 Spider monkeys that ran around the station.
      Also, they had turkey shoots at Thanksgiving. It really was Guinea shoots.
      They're a lot harder to hit.

      Being Poor is still tough on kids. Have you priced cheerleading prices for
      a year lately?

      I am always amazed with your memory. It is much clearer than mine.

      Dennis Sanders
      Union, Ky.

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      This is the most active I have seen Jackson County list. It is so good to
      see so many post their memories. I feel that several people that has been
      sitting back and afraid to ask questions are now jumping in and asking
      questions and also trying to help each other. Please keep the questions and
      memories coming. It is so good to see this list finally come alive.

      When I started school at Hollywood Red THOMAS was principal. I think my
      first grade teacher was Mrs. BRITT (I think). Other teachers were Mrs.
      SIMMONS, Miss Vera Maude HOLDER, Mrs.. PACE, Miss Pauline BRYANT, Mrs.
      Louise THOMAS, Mrs. Leila Mae SANDERS, Mrs. KING and Mrs. PHILLIPS. I
      almost forgot Mrs.. PHILLIPS but how could I do that. Mrs.. PHILLIPS was
      almost blind or at least we thought so until she would be writing on the
      board with her back to us and could call out the person that was out of
      their seat without even turning around. She had the prettiest white hair.
      Back then you didn't question what the teacher said and you sure didn't talk

      Remember playing marbles at school? I can also remember almost every boy
      carried a pocket knife to school. In later years they were banned so ever
      so often we would have a pocket search. Don't remember why that got
      started. I can't remember anything that caused it to happen.

      Do you remember the traveling shows that would come to the schools. I
      remember that we would have a magician once a year. It would cost anywhere
      from 10 -25 cents to go see them. What I never thought was fare was if you
      didn't pay to see the show you had to go to study hall and work. Guess where
      I was most of the time. -) Twenty five cents was hard to come by especially
      if you come from a large family. I remember one time a man brought a large
      great Dane to school and if you could ride him you got a prize but no one
      could. The trick was you had to get on him backwards and he would let you
      ride him that way. While I am telling tells I might as well tell something
      else that always bothered me. After Christmas you were allowed to bring one
      toy to school and show it to the class, I guess this was kind of like show
      and tell. You could get up and tell what all you had gotten for Christmas.
      Several of us would forget that we could bring something or at least that
      was what we said. Like I said, if you come from a large family money wasn't

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