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RE: [jacksongenealogy] Memories

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  • Sam McDowell
    My sister wants to know if you are related to Mazie Grider? She went to school with her. ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!?
    Message 1 of 41 , Apr 29, 2005
      My sister wants to know if you are related to Mazie
      Grider? She went to school with her.
      --- Regina <rgpipes@...> wrote:

      > I think Billy BURROUGHS or Mr. TOWNSEND took over
      > after Red THOMAS. I want
      > to think it was Mr. TOWNSEND. Mr. TOWNSEND'S wife
      > also taught there. Mrs.
      > Phillis DAWSON was teaching there as well as a Mrs.
      > Miss JENKINS taught there a few years. I think Mrs
      > DAWSON lives in
      > Scottsboro area but is re-married. Her first
      > husband was shot and killed
      > years ago at a party or after a party. She was
      > running a formal clothing
      > store on the square at one time. Mr. Burroughs
      > taught school there when my
      > mom Jerusha COOLEY GRIDER worked in the lunchroom.
      > Ed TUBBS taught and was
      > coach at Hollywood.
      > -----Original Message-----
      > I remember Mrs. Phillips well. Johnny McCrary, WA
      > Haswell and myself used
      > to chew tobacco in her class.
      > We would make a paper hat which we used as a
      > spittoon, we made several trips
      > to to waste basket after spitting in them a couple
      > of times and Mrs.
      > Phillips nor any of the other students knew what we
      > were doing.
      > Wasn't Mrs. Vera Maude Holder the sister to Mrs.
      > Sanders? There was also Mr. Tubbs and a dark haired
      > lady who taught PE. She
      > was always singing "Down Town". Do you remember her
      > name?
      > My most vivid memories were when Govonor Wallace
      > made a trip to our school.
      > He announced I believe that the text books would be
      > free to all students. I
      > was so relieved, being from a large family of 11
      > children I no longer had to
      > fear having to quit school.
      > The next memory is when the schools were integrated.
      > We only had one black student in our class. He was
      > so quiet. I felt so
      > sorry for him. I knew how I would feel if I were
      > him.
      > There was also a teacher by the name Townsend which
      > I married Mr
      > Burrough,the principal, after Red Thomas left. Help
      > me remember...was there
      > a Mr and Mrs Townsend?? Mrs Townsend may not have
      > married Mr Burrough. She
      > was the first pregnant lady I remember and she was
      > working!!
      > Reading about all the memories prompted me to take a
      > trip to Rorex Hollow
      > yesterday. It was about a mile hike around the
      > mountain, but we found the
      > the place where we used to live. It was all grown
      > up and nothing left but
      > the broken chimmney and the rocks of the foundation.
      > This was where we
      > lived when my older brother started school. He got
      > new clothes and I could
      > hardley wait until I stated school so I could get
      > some new clothes. I got a
      > new dress to wear the first day, but it didn't come
      > from a store it was made
      > from a feed sack!! I still loved it though because
      > it had pockets on it.
      > I started school at Fackler and later moved to
      > Hollywood. I remember the
      > train-bus accident in Fackler which claimed 4 lives,
      > and hospitalized
      > several others.
      > There were Corbetts, Beavers, and McCray children
      > involved.
      > Who could forget going to Mutt McGuffey's store, or
      > the large cow bell the
      > teacher rang when recess was over, playing jump rope
      > and sea sawing, or
      > chewing bubble gum to see who could blow the biggest
      > bubble?
      > Ah....to be a kid again!!! Everything is so
      > different for our grandchildren
      > with all the technology. I often wonder what their
      > memories will be like.
      > Its hard to believe theirs will be as good as ours
      > seemed to be. I wouldn't
      > take a million dollars for my memories.
      > --- Regina <rgpipes@...> wrote:
      > > This is the most active I have seen Jackson County
      > list. It is so
      > > good to see so many post their memories. I feel
      > that several people
      > > that has been sitting back and afraid to ask
      > questions are now jumping
      > > in and asking questions and also trying to help
      > each other.
      > > Please keep the questions and
      > > memories coming. It is so good to see this list
      > finally come alive.
      > >
      > > When I started school at Hollywood Red THOMAS was
      > principal. I think
      > > my first grade teacher was Mrs. BRITT (I think).
      > Other teachers were
      > > Mrs.
      > > SIMMONS, Miss Vera Maude HOLDER, Mrs.. PACE, Miss
      > Pauline BRYANT, Mrs.
      > > Louise THOMAS, Mrs. Leila Mae SANDERS, Mrs. KING
      > and Mrs. PHILLIPS. I
      > > almost forgot Mrs.. PHILLIPS but how could I do
      > that. Mrs.. PHILLIPS
      > > was almost blind or at least we thought so until
      > she would be writing
      > > on the board with her back to us and could call
      > out the person that
      > > was out of their seat without even turning around.
      > She had the
      > > prettiest white hair.
      > > Back then you didn't question what the teacher
      > said and you sure
      > > didn't talk back.
      > >
      > > Remember playing marbles at school? I can also
      > remember almost every
      > > boy carried a pocket knife to school. In later
      > years they were banned
      > > so ever so often we would have a pocket search.
      > Don't remember why
      > > that got started. I can't remember anything that
      > caused it to happen.
      > >
      > > Do you remember the traveling shows that would
      > come to the schools. I
      > > remember that we would have a magician once a
      > year.
      > > It would cost anywhere
      > > from 10 -25 cents to go see them. What I never
      > thought was fare was
      > > if you didn't pay to see the show you had to go to
      > study hall and
      > > work. Guess where I was most of the time. -)
      > Twenty five cents was
      > > hard to come by especially if you come from a
      > large family. I remember
      > > one time a man brought a large great Dane to
      > school and if you could
      > > ride him you got a prize but no one could. The
      > trick was you had to
      > > get on him backwards and he would let you ride him
      > that way. While I
      > > am telling tells I might as well tell something
      > else that always
      > > bothered me. After Christmas you were allowed to
      > bring one toy to
      > > school and show it to the class, I guess this was
      > kind of like show
      > > and tell. You could get up and tell what all you
      > had gotten for
      > > Christmas.
      > > Several of us would forget that we could bring
      > something or at least
      > > that was what we said. Like I said, if you come
      > from a large family
      > > money wasn't there.
      > > Regina
      > >
      > >
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      > removed]
      > >
      > >
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