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Re: [jacksongenealogy] Civil War chat tonight!!!

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  • Jean Brandau
    K.: It s not just Jackson Co.....it s any place; just CIVIL WAR: Here you go! To chat: 1. Go to http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm 2. Click onto log
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2000
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      It's not just Jackson Co.....it's any place; just CIVIL WAR:

      Here you go!

      To chat:
      1. Go to http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      2. Click onto "log onto chat"
      3. Enter a nickname (do NOT put a password)
      4. Scroll down to "ok, connect!"--click it.
      5. Wait for screen to clear and you're in the chat room.

      Top Ten Hints to Successful Chatting:
      1. Mark your calendar and day-timers with the time of the chats you don't
      want to miss.
      2. Bookmark the URL of the chats: http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      3. Once you're in the chat, to get rid of ads: click the "float" button in
      the upper right hand side. Then enlarge that window for full view.
      4. To enlarge your font size, type: *chat fontsize 16
      5. Come on time--early even for the bigger chats. Stay for the whole
      chat so you don't miss YOUR cousins.
      6. Come prepared: bring your genealogy files/printouts of tree/resource
      7. Come not only to find your cousins, but to help others!
      8. If you get "bumped off" during chat--try to log back on. You may have
      to enter a different nickname. Please be patience, we're using computers!
      9. Greet people when you enter the room; say "good-bye" when
      you have to leave. Allow time for people to respond BEFORE you go--they may
      have a special message or info for you.
      10. Have fun
      Weekly Special CHATS:
      Chats last 2 hours (times stated are Eastern--
      subtract an hr for Central,2 hrs for Mt., 3 hrs for Pacific)
      Monday: ALABAMA chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Tuesday: all day until 10 pm Eastern--"open" genealogy chat
      Wednesday: RICHARDSON family chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Thursday: Southern States chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Friday: Native American chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Saturday: Alabama chat, 4 pm Eastern
      Saturday: African American chat, 6:30 pm Eastern
      Saturday: Civil War chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Sunday: SELF family chat, 4 pm Eastern
      Sunday: SANDERS family chat, 6:30 pm Eastern
      Sunday: EVANS family chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Daily Lunch Time "open" Genealogy chat, 1 pm Eastern

      Jean Brandau
      About.com guide to Huntsville AL
      email: huntsville.guide@...

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      > I would be interested in listening to the Jackson Co. Civil war chats. I
      > several ancestors in it. Please give instructions. Thank you, K.
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