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Fwd: [WINN-L] TX Bowie, Original Marriage Certificates

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      << I received the following from another List. One of you may be interested.

      If so contact Doris Lindblad at the e-mail address below.

      Texarkana USA Genealogical Society has in its possession more than 9,000
      Original Marriage Certificates for marriages in Bowie County, TX and 2,000 +
      Originals for Miller County, AR. The majority of them are from about 1889 to
      1935. A few older, some more recent. The Miller County are indexed by both
      Groom and Bride. The Bowie County are indexed by Groom only. Currently,
      we are working to index these by Bride as well but it will take a while

      They can be obtained for the low cost of $2.50, a SASE and a short lineage
      chart showing your relationship to the individuals. If you had relatives
      married in either of these counties in this time frame, I will be happy to
      check for availability of their certificates. If we have them, you will be
      notified on where to send your information so that it will reach the proper
      person. Will also notify you if they are not available.

      We would love to get all of these Certificates placed in the hands of family
      members as they would be a great addition to your family records. Please
      feel free to forward this mail to any list to which you subscribe.

      Doris Lindblad
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