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Lincoln County, Tn. Heritage Book

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  • Regina
    Still time to submit your story of your ancestors to the Lincoln County Heritage committee of Tennessee. ======== HERITAGE OF LINCOLN COUNTY, TN BOOK
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2004
      Still time to submit your story of your ancestors to the Lincoln County
      Heritage committee of Tennessee.



      The Lincoln County Heritage Book Committee has announced an extension of the
      deadline for submitting materials and/or ordering a copy of the forthcoming
      book. The new deadline is 31 July 2004, which gives everyone THREE
      much-needed extra months!

      This decision was made based on the volume of calls, e-mails, and requests
      from local and area residents, concerned because they had missed the
      original 30 April deadline.

      Some 146 Family Stories, 68 Topical Stories, 36 Military Stories, and

      175 Pioneer Stories - and counting - have already been received and
      collated! Organizational, school, and church histories bring that tally even
      higher. Over 400 stories await processing, and more are arriving in the

      Responses, submitted by family historians of all ages, have come from as far
      away as Seattle, WA, Anchorage, AK, and China! Genealogical message boards,
      Tennessee county e-mailing lists, and telephones have been abuzz with
      excitement, questions, and comments. The reaction has been both
      encouraging.and even somewhat overwhelming! And hurray for THAT! At this
      juncture, book sales look to top 600.

      Pioneer stories are covering Lincoln County's founding fathers - AND mothers
      - who had arrived in the area by 1836, the time during which the county
      districts were first set up. On the topical side, stories cover such divers
      subjects as the Elk Cotton Mills and the Mill Village, the Old Stone Bridge,
      to little country churches and schools.some of which no longer exist!

      Military stories have included WWII and other vets who still reside in the
      county, but also tell of ancestors from the Civil War and other historic

      But the big question remains: have YOUR stories been submitted? If not,
      W-H-Y ?

      Gift certificates for The Heritage of Lincoln County, Tennessee are
      available from committee members. The collector's edition book, to be
      published by early 2005, is sure to be cherished for years to come and will
      make a unique gift for relatives and friends, as well as a welcome addition
      to YOUR home library!

      As before, the regular meetings of the Heritage Book Committee are open to
      ALL and are scheduled for the First Wednesday of each month at Trotter's
      Restaurant in the Best Western Fayetteville Inn, 3021 Thornton Taylor
      Parkway (the Bypass) in Fayetteville.

      Meetings begin at noon and participants are encouraged to arrive early if
      they want to order lunch.

      Discussion will now begin to focus on procedures for submitting our compiled
      materials to the publisher and planning a sales campaign for Memorials,
      Tributes, and Business Histories.

      For more information, check out the website at
      <outbind://2/www.tncountyheritage.com/> www.tncountyheritage.com/, or
      contact Jack Towry at (931) 433-8406 or Walsworth Publishing Co. at
      countyheritageinc@... and eaglesnestmtn@....

      You may also write the Lincoln County Heritage Book Committee at P.O.

      Box 226, Fayetteville, TN 37334.

      Once more, new participants in this exciting project are encouraged,
      welcomed and appreciated. Don't miss out!

      No one can tell your story better than YOU!



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