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Cameron family

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  • Rhaas68@xxx.xxx
    Mr. Matthews, I looking for information on the family of Hugh Leonidas (Rob) Cameron and Rachel Margaret Elizabeth (Mag) Potts. These individuals are my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2000
      Mr. Matthews,

      I looking for information on the family of Hugh Leonidas (Rob) Cameron and
      Rachel Margaret Elizabeth (Mag) Potts. These individuals are my great-great

      My information indicates that Rob Cameron was born in Jackson County, Alabama
      on March 16, 1844 and married Mag Potts, born April 13, 1848 somewhere in
      Mississippi, April 16, 1865, in Jackson County. At some point they moved to
      Austin, Texas and set up a farm in the Del Valley area (southeast of town
      near the new airport). In 1901 they moved to Hondo, Texas. Rob Cameron died
      June 6, 1909, Mag Cameron died September 28, 1930. Both are buried in Hondo.

      Additional information, unconfirmed, indicates that Rob Cameron served in the
      Confederate Army. I am interested in this area because with a lot of people
      I have relatives that fought on both sides.

      Addition information says that Mag Potts was related to Rev. Isaac Potts, a
      chaplain in George Washington's army. Naturally, I would like to confirm or
      deny this.

      Rob and Mag Cameron had ten children. They are listed below.

      George Williams, born January 29, 1866, place unknown. He died in 1928 in
      Hondo, Texas. He married Mary (Molly) Mason in Travis County, Texas

      John Marion was born February 2, 1868 and died April 26, 1902 somewhere in
      Mexico. It is said that he was a Texas Ranger and died on duty of ate pox.
      However, the Texas Ranger Museum has no record of him. It is a good family
      story anyway. He is to have a wife, name unknown and a daughter named Fannie.

      Hugh Foster was born July 6, 1870 and died on October 4, 1945 and his buried
      somewhere in Austin. He was married to Ruth York and they had no children
      and lived awhile in Louisiana.

      Marie Maud was born January 19, 1872 and died March 30, 1964 and is buried in
      Austin. She married John Wise of New Mexico in 1935.

      Walter Nat was born January 21,1874 and died of Typhoid on September 11, 1902
      and is buried in Austin. He was married and had one daughter, Eunice.

      James Thomas Oscar was born April 25, 1876 and died November 29, 1930 in
      Luling, Texas. He had two wives, names unknown. He had one son by the first
      and five children by the second.

      Elizabeth Anna was born April 5, 1878 and died July 19, 1966 in Austin,
      Texas. She was married to Jesse McWilliams. They had no children.

      Issac Leonidas (Hood) was born April 28, 1882 and died January 27, 1964 in
      Orange, Texas. He was married to Gertrude Collier and had five children:
      Mildred, Walter, Jarrett, Judith and Elizabeth.

      Eddie Carlye was born November 10.1884 and died September 30, 1930 in Hondo,
      Texas. He was married to Caroline Wood and lived in Hondo and had three
      children: Wood, Bonnie Jack and Charles (Bobby).

      Emmett Taylor was born November 10.1884 and died March 27, 1951 in Hondo,
      Texas. He married Laura Augusta Whaley (Gussie) and they had six children:
      Hugh D., Mary Ruth, John Whaley, Emmett Meyer, Guss Taylor and Sarah Maude

      George William Cameron was my great grandfather. He and Molly Mason had six
      children: Theodore, Clara, Margaret, Eula Maude (my grandmother), Blanche and

      Eula Maude, born 1894 died 1939, married, 1917 Henry Valentine Haass,
      Jr.(Sonny), born 1894 died 1979 in Medina, County, Texas. They had two sons,
      Ralph Palmer and Howard Leroy (my father). Ralph Palmer was born October 9,
      1919 in Medina, County, Texas and died January 27, 1945 in Luzon, Philippines.

      Howard Leroy was born April 23, 1921 and died March 21, 1976 in Pasadena,
      Texas. He married Constance (Connie) Corrie, born June 29, 1923 in Abilene,
      Texas, died March 9, 1989 in Pasadena, Texas. The marriage took place May
      28, 1943 in Tampa, Florida.

      They had three children: Russell Corrie, Catherine Denison and Judith Ann.

      I would appreciate any and all information concerning the Cameron and Potts
      family. I have more information, but to cut this short, that I will glad
      share with anyone.

      Thank you for the opportunity to share this information.

      Russell Haas
      512 Cap Rock Drive.
      Richardson, Texas 75080
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