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RE: [jacksongenealogy] Strawberries

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  • Ron Akins
    I liked your devotional, we all need to stop in the middle of long hours of research and thank the One who has given us the ability to do our research. I think
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2003
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      I liked your devotional, we all need to stop in the middle of long hours of
      research and thank the One who has given us the ability to do our research.
      I think one of your devotionals on a regular basis would be good for us
      all. Ron Akins

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      > Date: 12/12/2003 8:59:53 AM
      > Subject: [jacksongenealogy] Strawberries
      > Golden
      Moments for Today
      > One of my favorite fruits is strawberries. I like this fruit so well,
      that when in season, eat at least four sliced each morning atop a bowl of
      Special K cereal. This summer drifted by, with warm mornings and me
      enjoying my breakfast delight. We had a most lengthy summer, therefore,
      strawberries were available longer than usual. I knew, however, that with
      the approaching fall, my
      > favorite fruit would no longer be available. The availability of
      strawberries progressed from a full display at both Wal-Marts to a short
      supply stacked neatly on the shelf with other fruits. I knew what was
      > Soon my favorite morning delight would be gone. I was right. The
      next visit to both WalMarts revealed a lack of strawberries. The produce
      man said no to my inquiring question, "Will you get anymore strawberries?"
      "No more strawberries!" I imagined a breakfast with them. I would have to
      fall back on my bananas. I adjusted to the boring bananas each morning,
      nothing compared to those red, lucious strawberries.
      > Until yesterday.
      > I made my usual round at Wal-Mart, looking at the shelves where I
      last saw the strawberries. I couldn't believe what was neatly stacked on
      the shelf. Strawberries, not as pretty as California strawberries, but they
      were strawberries. I could see them atop my bowl of Special K. About that
      time, a lady behind a buggy full of groceries, stopped. "You can get a flat
      of those at Sam's in Huntsville." "Huntsville? I said." "I've just returned
      from there. How much were they?" "Honey, how much were the strawberries at
      Sam's?" "I don't know," he responded. I thought, it doesn't matter how much
      they were right now. These strawberries are here, now. And I'll pay the
      $3.98 to get them. Three of them appeared atop my Special K this morning.
      > Strawberries are the wonderful things in life we enjoy. They grace
      our lives momentarily and then they are gone. We may think, Did I
      appreciate them enough or did I take them for granted? When they are gone,
      we are unable to call them back, unless God in his wonderful love and
      grace, allows us another opportunity to enjoy that which we lost.
      > God gave us his Son, Jesus Christ. His coming reminds us of the love
      that God has for us, the strawberries atop our cereal, but unlike the
      seasonal strawberries, his love endures throughout all seasons, forever and
      forever. This love continues on, in the love we share with others.
      > I'm not sure how long this supply of strawberries will be available in
      Wal-Mart, but in the meantime I will savor and appreciate each one,
      enduring the winter without them until next spring.
      > Laura Ann Golden
      > Golden Moments
      > A Day Without a Goldem Moment is a Day Wasted
      > Finding the Unordinary in the Ordinary
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