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  • herbert gullatt
    herbert gullatt wrote:Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:51:56 -0800 (PST) From: herbert gullatt Subject: Re: Gullatts of Jackson County AL
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      herbert gullatt <blackcloud27030@...> wrote:Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:51:56 -0800 (PST)
      From: herbert gullatt
      Subject: Re: Gullatts of Jackson County AL
      To: Ann Chambless

      Its hard to know where to start, so lets try this:
      A. Peter Gullatt/Gollatt/Golat/Gaulatt, master blacksmith, m. Rachel Thrift abt 1770 Truro Parish Fairfax County, VA
      B. 6 children: Peter jr, Charles, Mary, Rebecca, John b. abt 1781 d. 1824 Jackson Co., Rachel, all born Fairfax Co. VA. Peter sr. d. 1783/84 Rachel d. abt 1791. Around 1800 entire family except Charles Gullatt moved south to Lincoln and Wilkes Counties, GA .
      C. John m. in VA abt 1798 Manerva Catherine Yancy (Mitchell?) b. 1777 VA d. 1861/62 Bellefonte, Jackson Co. By 1814 John and Catherine Gullatt had moved on from GA to Jackson County AL. There is a reference in VA probate records of Catherine Mitchell m. John Golat now living in AL in 1817. They had at least eleven children:
      D. 1. Elizabeth b. 1799 VA m. Unkown Gaunt/Gant/Gaint (3 children)
      2. William b. 1801/02 GA d. 1893 Bellefonte, Jackson Co. m. (a). Lucinda unkown in 1840s (b). Minerva Allen (Albin?) 20 May 1866. no children that I have found.
      3 .Nancy b. 1803/05 GA m. Peter Airheart in TN. (5 children)
      4. Lucinda b. 1809/10 GA m. Samuel Thompson ( 8 children)
      5. Peter b. 1809/10 GA unmarried. d. 1858/59 Bellefonte, Jackson Co.
      6. Julia Ann b. 1815 AL m. Israel Boon/Boone in TN. (6 children)
      7. Eliza b.1815/16 AL m. Daniel Thompson. (6 children)
      8. Manerva Sarah "Sally" b. 1816/17AL m. John Gaunt/Gant/Gaint (3 children)
      9. James Madison b. 15 Apr 1820 AL d.23 Jun 1906 Dutton Jackson Co. m. (a). Juliet Clark 1841 (1 dau Juliet b. 26 Oct 1842) (b). Malissa Payne Harper 04 Mar 1849 (14 children)b. 1832 d.1900. (Malissa was dau. of John Payne Harper and Martha "Patsy" Phillips Harper)
      10. Thomas Jefferson b. 15 Apr 1820 AL m. (a) . Martha Elizabeth Clark 1841 (7 children) (b). Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Browning Campbell 29 Jan 1865 (3 children) (c). Malinda Privett 17 Sep 1872 (d). Rachel Watson 23 Aug 1877 (e). Mrs Ollie Tomlinson 16 Nov 1892. Thomas died 05 Apr 1898 not in 1872 .
      11. John jr. b. abt May/Jun 1825. I have found no further record of him.
      E. There may have been additional children as one researcher in GA mentions Charles, Samuel, George, Rachel and Rebecca. So far I have found no evidence of them.
      F. Juliet and Martha Elizabeth Clark were sisters, daughters of Isaac Clark and Jemima Welch Clark. The two Thompsons I think were brothers as were the two Gaunts.
      G. James Madison was a 2nd LT in the Florida Indian Wars, Thomas J. and Peter were cpls. James M. was also in the Mexican War and there is a J. M. Gullatt listed with a LA unit in the WBTS and according to other relatives in was in the war. Two of Thomas J. sons were in the WBTS.. Supposely James M. was a Jackson Co. official of some type for 24 years . I know he was a road commisioner and a contractor. I have a contract between him and Jackson County to build a bridge.
      H. There is a contract in the George Washington Papers in the Lib. of Congress signed by Peter Gullatt/Gollatt/Gaulatt to train slaves as blacksmiths for George Washington.. There are records in Cecil County MD. of a Peter Golat b. in 1740 and John Golat b. 1745 parents John and Mary Golat and they are probably the same people. One of Catherine Gullatt's land patents in Jackson Co is also spelled Gollatt
      I. Attached is a photo of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson Gullatt circa 1890 or so. I have many other old tintypes and photos of James Madison's family mostly unidentified. Also James M. and Malissa Harper Gullatt's family bible in you want copies. And Malissa Payne Harper's family record..
      J. Since some of the birth dates overlap there may have been more than one set of twins.
      K. The confusion over Thomas J's death date maybe due to the fact there were 3 Thomas Jefferson Gullatts, but the one born in 1820 is on the 1880 census on familysearch.org. James M. is there also but they mispelled his name as GULLALT. I think the 1872 death may be his grandson, the son of James Preston Gullatt, T.J.'s son Thomas J. jr. is on the 1880 census.
      L. Rachel Thrift was the dau. of Charles Thrift and Rebecah Hamilton Thrift. Have more on them if you need it.
      M. Could you send me a copy of the Inventory of John Gullatt estate 1824?
      N. If you need the names of the children let me know and I will be happy to send you whatever I have..
      Clay Gullatt 137 Partridge St.,Mount Airy NC 27030-2164

      am not related to the Gullatt family, but I am working on a Jackson County, AL history project which involves Thomas Gullatt who died on Feb 25, 1872. I have been told Thomas was married 4 or 5 times?? To whom?? I have been told Thomas was the twin brother of James Gullatt (who married Melissa Harper) and they were the sons of John and Catherine Gullatt who moved to Jackson Co, AL from Gwinnett Co, GA. John Gullatt died in Jackson Co, AL in 1824, per Jackson County Orphans Court Book dated 1820-1828.The other children I have for John and Catherine Gullatt are:Lucinda Gullatt who married Samuel ThompsonElizabeth Gullatt who married ______GantWilliam GullattPeter GullattCan you share more about this family? Ann B. ChamblessScottsboro, ALabc123@... > ATTACHMENT part 2 image/pjpeg name=James M. and Thomas J. Gullatt.jpg

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