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RE: [jacksongenealogy] Military Records Navy Records

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  • Jimmie Ryan
    You should also be aware that anyone that was discharged at either Fort Ord or Pearl Harbor there military records went directly to the NARA in San Bruno -
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      You should also be aware that anyone that was discharged at either Fort Ord
      or Pearl Harbor there military records went directly to the NARA in San
      Bruno - where I found my Vietnam service jacket and medical records. This
      could have occurred in other states also; because Vietnam was considered a
      "Police Action" and was never declared a War by Congress, so there were some
      who by-passed the official records center (probably to not have too many
      disability claims after Vietnam) and were instead placed within the older
      military archives of the NPRC - so I would try both if I was looking for any
      form of military records after the Korean War (as some of those records were
      also transferred to the NARA instead of the National Personnel Records

      Jimmie Ryan
      YN2 US Navy

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      None of the Navy Records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the Records
      Center, those were Army/Air Force Records and and not all those were
      Copies of WW1 and later may consist of hundreds of pages. Mine looks like a
      telephone book 30 years USN 27 of whick were on active duty.
      The records are keep at: National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives
      Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138. Requests must be submitted on a Standard Form
      180. Google National Personnel Records Center to download a pdf copy and for
      instruction. The forms can also be obtained from your local Veterans Service
      Office (they would probably help you fill it out also), 1 form for each
      service member.
      If a veteran was discharged (62 years after their discharged) before 1952
      the records are considered archival and pass into the custody of NARA but
      still maintained at St. Louis. These can be released to anyone. Those
      discharged todays date month, 1951 and later can only be released to the
      veteran or his next of kin.
      As always there is a copy fee.
      For Jerry:
      Name No 1. I found served on only one ship and that was in 1945 and saw no
      combat, his service record may show more.
      Name No. 2 enlisted 08 Jul 1941 at Nashville TN was a Second Class
      Storekeeper and was on the muster list 07 Nov 1941 of the USS Pollux AKS-2
      (general stores issue ship) she went aground in a severe winter storm 18 Feb
      1942 on Lawn Point, Newfoundland with 93 fatalities. Two other ships went
      aground at the same time. No.2 was a survior and was transferred to the USS
      Salomonie AO-26 (a fleet replenishment oiler). You can google both ships to
      see more.
      Name No. 3 Too many hits since I could not find him using his middle name.

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