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Re: War of 1812 Pensions and Service search

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  • Terry Lee
    Hello Dwight, Thank you for asking. I anticipate several
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2013
      Hello Dwight,

      << ...would you mind my asking you some details as to how one goes about
      such of an undertaking? >>

      Thank you for asking. I anticipate several persons will write with the same questions you have, so I'll share this email with the jacksongenealogy group. Much of the beginning research can be done online. First, go to http://www.glorecords.blm.gov and search the federal land patents for your ancestor. If the patent has the prefix MW in front of the numbers, then he received a Military Warrant for his service. This patent can be downloaded or viewed online and it will tell which unit your ancestor served with. This information can then be listed on the NARA online order form. Of course this search is only useful if your ancestor lived into the 1850's and applied for a patent.
      Secondly, go to ancestry.com and search their site for War of 1812 service and pension application data. These are only indexes, so all you will get of value will be the microfilm number at the NARA which contains your ancestor's data and what unit he served with. This microfilm number will speed up their search for the records.
      Finally, Fold3.com is gradually posting the War of 1812 (including Indian Wars) pension and service records. Currently only Mississippi Territory images are complete. The Pension Applications contain much more data then the Service Records, so if you choose to get only one record, get that one. Fold3 is a pay site, but can be linked free through many library web sites such as Huntsville's hmcpl.org (click on "My Digital Library", put in your library card number and pin number, then select Fold3.
      Before you go to the nara.gov website and place an order, it would probably benefit you to research your ancestor's military unit before ordering. My Joshua Lee's data at ancestry said he served in Capt Heel's unit of Tennessee Militia. The Tennessee State Archives has a website describing its War of 1812 units. Reading this led me to the correct Capt Robert STEEL's unit 1st Regt West Tenn. Militia. Anything in additional data like this you can send the NARA people will help you to get the material you wish.


      Terry D. Lee

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