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War 1812 pension record contains marriage date

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  • leerosestlee
    I have uploaded to the files one page of many contained in Joshua Lee s pension and service records obtained from the NARA. This page cites his second marriage
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      I have uploaded to the files one page of many contained in Joshua Lee's pension and service records obtained from the NARA. This page cites his second marriage to Martha Jane Byrd Sept 10, 1856 Woodville, Jackson Co., Alabama. The record of this marriage was, I assume, lost in a courthouse fire during the Civil War. Does anyone have any information on Martha Jane Byrd born ca. 1835 died ca. 1880? Joshua Lee was born ca. 1796 Wilkes Co., GA, and lived in Jackson County from 1822 until after the Civil War when he moved to Madison County.

      The War of 1812 pension records are a rich source of genealogical data. Below is what I was able to find on Joshua Lee using these records:

      (1) Joshua Lee enlisted as Pvt in Capt. John Porter's Co. (Wynne's) 1 Reg't W. Tenn. Mil. He mustered in Oct. 3, 1813 Fayetteville, Tenn. and discharged Jan. 4, 1814 Giles County, Tenn. Roll dated Nashville June 8, 1814. 
      (2) He enrolled as a Substitute for Wm Lee.
      (3) Joshua Lee, Corpl., Capt Robert Steel's Co. Tenn. Mil. - Enlisted Sept 28, 1814 Fayettevile, Tenn. Discharged Apr 27, 1815 Nashville, Tenn.
      (4) In October 1816, Joshua Lee of Lincoln Co., Tennessee, authorized an Attorney to collect his pay.
      (5) Residence of Soldier: 1850 - 1855 Jackson Co., Ala. 1871 Madison Co. P. O. Brownsboro Ala
      (6) Maiden name of wife: Martha Jane Byrd (Need to research. This was his young second wife)
      (7) Married his wife Sept 10, 1856 Woodville, Jackson Co. , Ala.
      (8) Listed for Joshua are 3 bounty land warrant numbers.
      162.-40-55 (this one in Missouri was later canceled)
      (9) In a deposition given 15 November 1850 to obtain bounty land, he said he was age 55. Another of 12 April 1855 gives his age as 58.
      (10) Joshua offered the following deposition:

      "affiant further swears that he is the identical Joshua Lee who was enrolled in Captain John Porter's company on or about the 1st day of October 1812 at Fayetteville Tennessee = and was honorably discharged at _____ in Giles County Tennessee some time during the Fall of 1813. the day and month not remembered by affiant. The day following the date he was enrolled he marched to Huntsville Alabama, the day after he reached Huntsville he crossed the Tennessee River to Camp Coffee, remained sat Camp Coffee about eight days Thence to Coosa River, assisted in building a Fort on said river named Fort Strother until December 1812, when he returned to Fayetteville Tennessee, at which place he remained till he received his discharge _____"

      NOTE: Camp Coffee was incorrect because it was located south of Florence, Alabama. He was actually in camp at Ft. Deposit. Joshua was actuallly at Camp Coffee on his second enlistment.
      The data below proves Joshua was a year off on his dates:
      Fort Strother was a stockade fort at Ten Islands in the Mississippi Territory, in what is today St. Clair County, Alabama It was located on a bluff of the Coosa River, near the modern Neely Henry Dam in Ohatchee The fort was built by General Andrew Jackson and several thousand militiamen in November 1813, during the Creek War. It was to serve as his base of operations against the Red Sticks.

      (11) The final sheet of NARA records tells of his service in Capt. Steel's Company:
      "Joshua Lee was enrolled in Captain Steele's division at Fayetteville, Tennessee on the 4th day of October 1814, and was honorably discharged at Nashville, Tennessee on the 15th (about) day of April 1815. The second or third day after he enrolled, he marched to Nashville Tennessee, there his company was mounted. remained at
      Nashville about five days, marched from Nashville to Fort Williams near the mouth of Tom Bigbee River, re-mained at the Fort three weeks, thence to Fort Montgomery, remained at Fort Montgomery about two weeks. His company was a then assigned to the command of Major Blue and ordered on an active campaign against the Indians, was absent on said company's for forty days. was then ordered to New Orleans Louisiana, but upon reaching Batonrouge (rest written in margin with part of first line not scanned) ____ ____ ____ ____ _____
      the troops under General Jackson from New Orleans arrived. Thence with the troops under General Jackson to Nashville Tennessee."

      RE: Joshua Lee's forty days with Major Blue
      Before leaving Pensacola for New Orleans, Gen. Jackson detached 1,000 troops under Major Uriah Blue of the Thirty-ninth U.S. Infantry to neutralize the rebel Creek Indian pockets along the Escambia River, plunder their camps, and destroy their crops. A fifteen-year veteran of the army, Blue had veteran soldiers with him which included a battalion of Mounted Tennessee riflemen. Sergeant Davy Crockett served as scout. After attacking several enemy camps, they were forced to return to Fort Mitchell north of Mobile on January 9, 1814 due to a lack of supplies and bad weather. They had traveled 100 miles into enemy territory, destroyed camps, killed some fifty Red Sticks, and taken some 200 captive in the most primitive and exhausting conditions.

      Terry D. Lee
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