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Re: [jacksongenealogy] George Washington Bryant and his father

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  • T'Lene
    Hi Ann and All, I spoke with Bob on Friday of last week. I mentioned this group to him and recommended highly. Bob s wife is granddaughter of Alvin Christopher
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 4, 2012
      Hi Ann and All,

      I spoke with Bob on Friday of last week. I mentioned this group to him and recommended highly.

      Bob's wife is granddaughter of Alvin Christopher "AC" Bryant who was my grandfather, Standifer Bryant's brother.
      Our main difficulty is locating the grandfather, John "Jack" Bryant on the 1850 census.
      Unfortunately most every family had sons named John.
      If his wife was indeed Ellender Allen as someone added on her tombstone,
      I have been unable to verify this.

      Since beginning my search in 1984, I have tried unsuccessfully to learn who erected the cemetery marker.

      I have checked every possible spelling - even adding O'Bryan(t) and Mc Bryant as well as McBryar as there are many in the areas of Jackson Co, AL, Dade Co, GA, Marion Co, TN.

      My great grandparents were George Washinton Bryant and Emily Josephine Sims. He was son of John and Ellender. GWB and his wife moved to Birmingham from Long Island now Bryant. Their home place had been at the foot of Sand Mtn in what is the Hog Jaw Valley/Long Island in Jackson County. It is believed the property may have been taken over for inability to pay taxes. This GWB and Emily died two days apart in Jan 1910 during a flu epidemic. They are buried in Bham in unmarked graves but cemetery records show their locations.

      Furthermore, John had two families of which neither knew of each other. One was supposedly in the Sequatchie Co, TN area.

      John is buried atop Sand Mtn in now Bryant, AL. His grave is one of the oldest in Mtn View Church of God cemetery. It was known as Tater Hill Cemetery.

      I visited the cemetery this past month but believe his stone marker may have been lost to 'time' or weather (tornado). I had seen it several times, so I knew its location.

      His wife - Ellender - is buried at another church cemetery that is on the brow of the Mtn where a dirt road leads down into Hog Jaw Valley. Their son - brother to GWB - is buried in the cemetery with Ellen. He was William HENRY Harrison Bryant. Several other family members are buried there, too. WHHB married first, Lucinda Sims and after her death, he married Rebecca Campbell. As this family resided in Stevenson for several years, they are mentioned in detail in Eliza Woodall's, "The Story of Stevenson".

      The Geo Wash Bryant which Clay was kind enough to mention was the son of WHHBryant. He married first married Ellen Adams

      As if the puzzle wasn't difficult enough, there were other Bryants in the Carn?e)'s community. I've tried in vain to connect these families, but I will never give up.

      I must also accept the possibility that my great grandmother may have been a widow and her children may have taken on the Bryant surname. Another possibilty is the 1850 census enumerator may have missed their family.

      My grandparents, Standifer and Amanda (Boatner) Bryant - as well as many of their family members are buried atop Sand Mtn in Ebenezer Chuch Cemetery in Bryant.

      I will forward a photo which appears on their tombstone.

      Best to all,
      T'Lene Bryant Tillotson

      On Sep 4, 2012, at 4:22 PM, "Ann B. Chambless" <rabc123@...> wrote:

      > T'lene (Bryant) Tillotson (JCHA member) is THE expert on the Bryant
      > Family, as she has researched this family for a number of years. T'lene
      > lives in Dalton, Georgia. Hopefully, she will soon read your Bryant
      > query and communicate with you.
      > Ann B. Chambless
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