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Re: Charles Vaughn and wife Mary Money. Native Blood!

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  • cherpotts
    The Vaughns are definitely Cherokee. My great great grandmother was Mary Magdaline Vaughan b. 1826-1830 in Jackson County, Alabama. I know she fits into this
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 15, 2012
      The Vaughns are definitely Cherokee. My great great grandmother was Mary Magdaline Vaughan b. 1826-1830 in Jackson County, Alabama. I know she fits into this family in some way but can't pinpoint her parents. Mary lists her father as born in North Carolina and her mother in Tennessee. I know for certain that she was Cherokee and that she or someone in her family was on the Trail of Tears.

      About 1847 in Jackson County, Mary Vaughan married Henry Coulson, the widow of ? Graham, sister of Johanna Graham. Johanna Graham was married to his brother Jacob Coulson. The Coulson brothers were the sons of Isaac Coulson (Coulston, Colston, Cowlston in the Jackson County census records). The Grahams, Coulsons, and Vaughns are all listed in the 1840 Jackson County, Alabama census record.

      Henry and Mary's children were Samuel, Mary Ann, SARAH ALICE, James David, Cordelia M, John Lee, Nancy, and Martha L. Coulson. They are all listed in the Franklin County, Tennessee census records for 1860, 1870, and 1880.

      Sarah Alice Coulson married Thomas Cunningham of Coffee County, Tennessee and had my grandfather James Henry Cunningham. A man from the government came to their house to speak to my great grandmother Sarah about being Cherokee and Thomas threw him out. From what I'm told he tried to hide the fact that she was Cherokee and the children weren't to talk about it. My grandfather James didn't admit it until after he married my Cherokee grandmother and raised his children to be proud of their heritage.

      After researching Austin McClellahand Vaughn, (son of James Austin Vaughn and Rosey Lee McClellahand), I saw that his children and Henry and Mary's children all have the same names. It may be that Mary and Austin are siblings and Milly Vaughn(b.1781-1790)is their grandmother. I suppose it's possible that Mary Vaughan was the last child of Milly Vaughn.

      --- In jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com, "rebelredsun" <rebelredsun@...> wrote:
      > Native American Vaughn/Vaughan family
      > Charles Vaughan born 1827 Jackson County Alabama, died 1860
      > (Murdered) Franklin County TN. Charles was married to Mary Money. He
      > is my 4th Great Grand Father and there is overwhelming evidence that
      > there was Native American Blood in this family. I have photos of
      > Charles's daughter Louisa E Vaughn and her daughter Lilly Pearl
      > Parton Smith. They most certainly had Native Blood, the question, is
      > were did it come from. I almost know for a fact that it did not come
      > from the Money side. Mary Money is my 4th Great Grandmother as well
      > as an aunt, her sister Louisa Money was married to another 4th Great
      > Grandfather Sherrod Williams son of Harden Williams he was also
      > murdered in Franklin County in 1860. Sherrod was indeed ½ Cherokee
      > Indian I have substantial documentation proving that. It has been
      > speculated that Charles's Mother was Milly Vaughan. I believe that it
      > could have been his mother or likely his grandmother. I have also
      > speculated that Charles's father may have been Eldridge Vaughn who
      > married Polly Elliott (1/4 Cherokee). The reason why is Eldridge's
      > children in 1840 have been accounted for except one son age 10-15.
      > Eldridge's children that were minors were named on the 1854 Act of
      > Congress Roll, Eldridge himself had been dead a number of years
      > before this roll. It DID not name Charles as a son, but it also DID
      > NOT name his daughter Milly on the roll either. Charles was already
      > married and Milly was most probably married as well. Eldridge is
      > listed on the Trail of Tears roll and numerous affidavits claim he
      > was indeed Cherokee himself which explains why he was listed on the
      > Trail of Tears roll. My research over the years seems to indicated
      > that they did NOT list white people on this Roll or at least I cant
      > find no white people on it. So it appears the Vaughn's had Native
      > Blood themselves and do believe that Eldridge's Mother was Milly
      > Vaughn. Milly was first listed on the Franklin County TN 1830 census
      > as the head of her household along with 12 children. She was also
      > listed as the head of her households on the 1840 and 1850 censuses as
      > well. I have found a document linking Elizabeth Vaughn Sisk who
      > married Daniel Sisk to Milly Vaughn and a William Vaughn, the
      > document was interviews of Civil War soldiers. Milly and William was
      > her mother and father. On the 1840 Jackson County census Eldridge is
      > living beside Daniel Sisk. I believe they were brother and sister. I
      > have read some posts on this website that claims that Austin Vaughn
      > and Milly were husband and wife. Well the evidence proves otherwise.
      > The Eldridge thing is just a theory but I still want to prove who
      > Charles's father and possible mother were.
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