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  • quietholler.dana
    Thanks for finding that message- it answers my first question. Since I ve already started this thread, I m going to ask one more question re: Susanna Childress
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2012
      Thanks for finding that message- it answers my first question. Since I've already started this thread, I'm going to ask one more question re: Susanna Childress Bynum's possible father.

      Although I don't remember where I found this man (probably from Ancestry), I have a man named John Childress as Susanna's father. This man was born in North Carolina, fought in the Revolutionary War (as a teenager), applied for a Rev War pension, and died in Illinois. Does anyone have a clue if this is correct? There seems to be very little information on Susanna Childress. Thanks.

      --- In jacksongenealogy@yahoogroups.com, Jim Childress <grandpano@... wrote:
      > Hi thanks for the message. I know Ann and there is no connection she could
      > find between our line. She is an excellent researcher. Fred Childress worked
      > with her when he started on the original work about Robert. I have copies of
      > Fred and Mary, his sister. In the application for bounty land after he
      > served in the 1835 Creek War States under oath he was born in Tennessee in
      > 1803. I have copies of Census records from one of my visits to the
      > Guntersville, Alabama library. It is the county seat of Marshall which was
      > formed from part of Jackson County in 1836. In his estate settlement his
      > wife, Delilah (last name unknown) states they were married in Jackson County
      > in 1830. At that time the county seat was in Bellfonte and the records were
      > mostly destroyed in the Civil war. It is beautiful county. I lived there for
      > 20 years before movining to New Orleans. I have most of Roberts descendants
      > to present day and all of my great-great grandfather Rufus children. I along
      > with several cousins still are trying to find new information daily. I have
      > Ann's e-mail address, thanks. Good hunting to you and the other Childress
      > cousins. I have several geds I have downloaded and Marshal counties census
      > transcripts 1850-60-70 and 80 and will do lookups for our cousins. I retired
      > 5 years ago but still enjoy digging and helping other researchers. Hello to
      > my friends in Scottsboro.
      > Joseph Childress wrote:
      > > Hi
      > > The head of the No Alabama Historical Society there in Scottsville
      > > AL is a lady named Ann Chambless. Ann is a cousin my line and Gary/Mark
      > > Childress's line. Our folks came out of VA into NC and then TN. Quite
      > > a few moved down the the N. AL area. You may find a connection in N. AL
      > > and Ann would be the one to contact.
      > > If you want to contact Ann directly you should be able to fine it on
      > > Genforum as she has posted many messages re Childresses..
      > > Jay Childress
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