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BLM - Land Patient Original Images - Jackson County Alabama - King, William

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  • Jimmie Ryan
    http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/results/default.aspx?searchCriteria=type=paten t|st=AL|cty=071|ln=King|fn=William|sp=true|sw=true|sadv=false Accession Names
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2012

      Accession Names Date Doc # State
      Meridian Twp - Rng Aliquots Sec. # County

      MW-0792-292 CAPERTON, ADAM S,
      KING, WILLIAM 8/1/1854 1916 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 007E N½SW¼ 8 Jackson
      AL1200__.260 KING, WILLIAM 6/1/1831 2754 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 006E E½NE¼ 31 Jackson
      AL3540__.178 KING, WILLIAM 8/5/1837 8422 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 006E SE¼SE¼ 30 Jackson
      AL3560__.288 KING, WILLIAM 9/10/1838 9518 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 006E SW¼SW¼ 29 Jackson
      AL3700__.223 KING, WILLIAM 11/15/1852 16306 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 006E NW¼SW¼ 29 Jackson
      AL3990__.107 KING, WILLIAM D 5/20/1885 35325 AL
      Huntsville 005S - 007E SE¼ 14 Jackson
      AL3990__.184 KING, WILLIAM K 3/21/1888 35325 AL
      Huntsville 005S - 007E SE¼ 14 Jackson
      AL4130__.357 KING, WILLIAM R 6/6/1891 6214 AL
      Huntsville 004S - 007E SE¼ 33 Jackson
      AL1290__.476 TINNEY, GRIFFITH,
      KING, WILLIAM 10/16/1835 6782 AL
      Huntsville 003S - 006E NW¼NE¼ 31 Jackson

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      The William and Meredith King land tract information I sent Waynette
      came from Margaret Cowart's OLD LAND RECORDS OF JACKSON COUNTY. Mrs.
      Cowart's work is based on the original land patent book located in the
      Alabama Department of Archives and History. You can not obtain more
      accurate information than these two sources.
      Ann B. Chambless
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